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Here’s a Hamster Engulfing an Entire, Tiny Ear of Corn – Just ‘Cause (VIDEO)


I don't know if this is cute, gross, weird or all of it.

Either way, enjoy!

SERMON from 6-16-13: “Open Outcry”

This past Father’s Day, I preached on Psalm 5.1-8.  Here’s part 1: Here’s part 2:

Joel & His Relatively Well-Constructed Tin-Foil Hat About Angus T. Jones (UPDATE)

My friend, Joel, has hypothised that the recent conversion of 'Two and a Half Men' star – Angus T. Jones – is part of a mental breakdown. As I understand it, Jones has recently shown varying opinions about the show on which he has starred since the age of 9. In his most recent public

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MUST WATCH: Funny Presidential Debate Lipreading

I was able to pull myself up off the floor long enough to post this for the world to see.  By world, I mean the 12 people who read my blog.  But, anyway…enjoy! These guys do these types of videos for many things, but this is the funniest one I’ve seen in a while.

Voices Without A Paper Trail–Anonymous Political Speech

David Barton posted this through his organization’s Facebook page today.  It’s a video entitled “Voices Without A Vote.”  In it, teenagers ranging from 13 to 16–according to them–describe how their futures are at stake in the upcoming election.  The point of the video is that of any other video coming out right now and related

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If Jesus is Greater Than Religion, Church Renewal is a Much Bigger Job

I never see a viral video until long after it’s popular, or the “virus” has been treated. However, I found one–which is to say one of my professors introduced it to me–that has truly convicted me.  Actually, it confirmed a very recent conviction I have been feeling.  Let me explain. I am taking a class

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True TV Viciously Attacks Ball State University

I don’t know why this guy thought he had to denigrate my alma mater, but this commentator has just gone on my list.  

Notes From The Pastor’s Office VIDEO BLOG #6

This episode includes fulfillment of an assignment I had to complete for my Issues in Evangelism class. It is my faith story. I hope it blesses you.

Notes From The Pastor’s Office VIDEO BLOG #5

This is actually from Monday. I tried all day to upload the video to YouTube, but United’s wifi is unprepared to handle my needs. Enjoy!

Notes From The Pastor’s Office VIDEO BLOG #4

The video blog is back! Now that I am not putting all my extra time into getting my family moved, I have time to do some of this stuff again. In this episode, I talk about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer rally and Matthew 6.5. I don’t care about the politics, I care about the

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