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SERMON from 3-17-13: “I Thirst”

This is the fifth of a seven-part series for the Lenten and Easter season. I got the idea from my father-in-law, who serves as Senior Pastor at Mesa First United Methodist Church, downtown Mesa, Arizona. Luke 23.28-29 (CEB) 28 After this, knowing that everything was already completed, in order to fulfill the scripture, Jesus said,

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Ignoring Context? @JohnPiper’s Guilty

It’s just too bad that Piper ignores the context here. Jesus is in the garden, praying, while the disciples are supposed to be watching for soldiers in the night.  Jesus asks them to get up so they don’t go to sleep again.   “Rise, pray that you not enter into temptation.” Luke 22:46 Morning prayer

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Same @TheIRD, Different Day




The Institute on Religion & Democracy is at it again.  This time, they set their sights on Claremont School of Theology – a UMC seminary.

John Lomperis seized on a tidbit from the school and ranted (here) about how the school is effectively stealing from the Christian portion of the seminary budget to fund other non-Christian portions.  He uses intentionally divisive language – par for his course – in order to produce a scandal where none really exists.

Claremont responded with an article that the IRD – graciously, for them – posted on their blog, Juicy Ecumenism (still creeps me out).  Their claims are that the IRD unfairly characterized their recent restructuring and expansion plans – including plans to remove a cross.  They also claim that John Lomperis uses “provocative” language to make his points.

As a previous victim of the IRD’s reactionary carelessness, I was sympathetic to their plight.

The IRD has made a name for itself by sniping at anything that doesn’t fit perfectly into their idea of Christian faith.  They do use provocative language and innuendo in order to make their ideological foes look however they desire them to look – evil.  Since their inception – dating back to the Reagan Revolution and the Moral Majority – they have made it their job to suss out “marxism” within the ranks of United Methodist agencies.  Today, their main goal appears to be sussing out liberal influence, pointing at it in impotent rage or smug condescension, and asking for your money.

Given their particular brand of neo-conservative Christianity, I don’t even think we can call them Methodist, or Wesleyan, even.

Claremont ended their remarks with a nod to our national heritage and the need for actual ecumenism.  I hope the IRD listens:

Surely for the American experiment to succeed, Americans of differing religious viewpoints must learn to live and work together in harmony.  Religion can either continue to be the cause of conflict, or we can work together to make it the foundation for the needed harmony.  We believe that Jesus Christ calls Christians to the latter, being peacemakers and good neighbors.


A Christian Response to Newtown – #BBN

My colleague – @ejoelwatts – was on the fence, but I'll just call it a vodcast. In response to the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School – and the less-than-Christian responses to that tragedy – a few of my colleagues decided to offer the rational Christian response to the massacre. It's a bit rough and

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THE LIFE OF A SEMINARIAN: Dr. Lisa Hess & “Artisanal Theology”

As you may remember, I am in seminary.  As I read and discover new things, I might be inspired to share them with you. This is an excerpt from Dr. Lisa Hess’ (her blog found here) on an understanding of the church, their work and works’ righteousness: A colleague once argued, quite convincingly, that works’

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The Dying UMC in the USA: What’s the REAL Story?

Every time a story about the membership rate decline within the United Methodist Church comes out, I notice far too many people taking that opportunity to point out one of two things.  First, they point to whatever social issue they want and say that the UMC’s wrong focus on it is the reason for the

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MY 100TH POST!!! @UnitedSeminary, Is This The Kind Of Theology We Can Expect From Now On?: @CopelandNetwork & The Word-Faith Movement

“#Believing you receive is #believing that it is happening for you now!” -Kenneth Copeland — Kenneth Copeland (@CopelandNetwork) February 9, 2012 Two recent tweets have made me realize that United Theological Seminary is doing one of two things.  Either they are unaware of the theology of its newest partner, or they are aware–and ignoring it.

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” God will NOT give you more than you can handle.”

My job often affords me the opportunity to wax theologically/poetically on a wide-range of ideas and issues.  Earlier today, I got a message from a Facebook friend–my reply to which I wanted to share with you.  She had a question for me about how God interacts with us when it comes to trials: Hey there!

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