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NAGR Lies, Yet No One Seems to Care

    The National Association of Gun Rights – or NAGR, for short – has displayed this graphic for a long time.  They have been posting this graphic since before the massacre of human life at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. See, before the Sandy Hook gun massacre, POTUS had done

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Video From The Pastor’s Office #11 – “An Apology to Ben Michael”

I called someone a name on social media. Here's my apology.


The NRA & NAGR Never Give Up Their Fight

One of the most shocking facts about the social media strategy of absolute gun rights advocacy groups – such as the NRA & NAGR – is that they didn't really have to create much new content to continue their fight against any sort of gun control regulations. That is, they didn't have to change a

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Joel Nails It On “The Cult of the Constitution” – @ejoelwatts

Joel Watts – http://www.unsettledchristianity.com – wrote a nice little piece about how the Constitution of the United States takes on cult-like status with many of it's staunchest supporters. This hasn't been more clear than in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. There are many highlights from the article, but here is

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Too Much Gun Control Advocacy, Huh?

This is a graphic used by NAGR – The National Association for Gun Rights. They have been using it for quite some time. Not just in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary – as they seek to preempt proposed gun control measures – but much of the last year. To be clear,

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NAGR & (Not So Veiled) Racism

I don't tend to be one to care much about being politically correct. I do, however, understand the context around which certain terms were used to promote hatred and persecution of a particular group of people or ethnicity. I also understand the relationship between certain ethnic groups, which have often led to one believing it

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Why “Hollywood Hypocrites” (VIDEO, NSFW) Is More Pro-Gun Propaganda and Not Actual Debate – @glennbeck

This past Saturday, I happened to catch a few minutes of The Glenn Beck Weekend – a week-in-review broadcast, made up of highlights from Glenn’s week in broadcasting.  The portion I caught was a bit where Glenn and his sidekicks were talking about a video – posted in response to a response from Hollywood to the

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This Graphic Is Dishonestly Fabricated – This Is What We’re Dealing With

  The Affordable Care Act – pejoratively known as “Obamacare” – has absolutely nothing to do with the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, or the issue of gun control/violence.  You might ask, then, why is it included in this graphic (I saw posted over-and-over on Facebook) – designed to rile-up and scare gun control

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SERMON FODDER: Where God Chooses To Be

I haven't done one of these in a while. I take the opportunity to share a thought or passage from my weekly sermon preparation. This week, we are beginning a sermon series entitled, “A Fresh Start.” It comes from an idea that UM Communications put out for use as a fall 2013 kick-off. I have

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My First Post In 2013 Is Dispelling A Gun Myth

    This is some sort of promotional social media image from the even-more-radical-than-the-NRA group, the National Association For Gun Rights.  That’s NAGR, for short.  They post this image – and images like this all the time. This image is more than a little misleading, so let me help you understand. Until December 14th, 2012,

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