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Shoot “The Ex Girlfriend” Zombie Target, TODAY! (VIDEO, NSFW)

I’m still on semi-hiatus from the blog for a while, but this was too important. WARNING: Images and video contained in this post are not suitable for viewing by all.  Please exercise discretion. The NRA had their big convention over this last weekend.  Not only did people like Glenn Beck speak, but vendors from all

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Video From The Pastor’s Office #18 – “Guns & The Christian”

The news today is that many gun control proposals are on their way to the garbage heap of history. I talk about that and the Christian's response to the issue of guns, in this episode.


The NRA & NAGR Never Give Up Their Fight

One of the most shocking facts about the social media strategy of absolute gun rights advocacy groups – such as the NRA & NAGR – is that they didn't really have to create much new content to continue their fight against any sort of gun control regulations. That is, they didn't have to change a

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NAGR’s Increased Race-Baiting

My friend Joel – @eJoelWatts & unsettledchristianity.com – has commented on some of the racist rhetoric permeating the various gun rights advocacy groups online (here and here). I have been taking on a particular group, NAGR (it is beginning to look less and less like a coincidence) – The National Association for Gun Rights. Here

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Too Much Gun Control Advocacy, Huh?

This is a graphic used by NAGR – The National Association for Gun Rights. They have been using it for quite some time. Not just in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary – as they seek to preempt proposed gun control measures – but much of the last year. To be clear,

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NAGR & (Not So Veiled) Racism

I don't tend to be one to care much about being politically correct. I do, however, understand the context around which certain terms were used to promote hatred and persecution of a particular group of people or ethnicity. I also understand the relationship between certain ethnic groups, which have often led to one believing it

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Why “Hollywood Hypocrites” (VIDEO, NSFW) Is More Pro-Gun Propaganda and Not Actual Debate – @glennbeck

This past Saturday, I happened to catch a few minutes of The Glenn Beck Weekend – a week-in-review broadcast, made up of highlights from Glenn’s week in broadcasting.  The portion I caught was a bit where Glenn and his sidekicks were talking about a video – posted in response to a response from Hollywood to the

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My First Post In 2013 Is Dispelling A Gun Myth

    This is some sort of promotional social media image from the even-more-radical-than-the-NRA group, the National Association For Gun Rights.  That’s NAGR, for short.  They post this image – and images like this all the time. This image is more than a little misleading, so let me help you understand. Until December 14th, 2012,

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Shane Claiborne on #SandyHook, the #NRA and #guncontrol

In an article published over the holiday, progressive theologian Shane Claiborne theorized what Jesus might say in the wake of the tragic events – such as happened in Newtown, CT.  They were strong words, which I felt needed to be shared:

After all, the Bible has a lot to say about loving enemies, and “Thou shalt not kill,” but doesn’t even mention the right to bear arms.

Many evangelicals and fundamentalist Christians like to point out that Mormonism – which considers itself a valid, Christian sect – is a cult.  I know far too many of the same people who default to the constitution in response to situations like Sandy Hook, rather than the Bible.  I call it the “cult of the Constitution.”  Listen to people like Glenn Beck and Kirk Cameron, and you will soon get the picture.  They take the Bible and historic Christianity – cram it all into an elementary understanding of the founding of this country – and default to the Constitution when they so choose.

It’s very convenient when you are attempting to hold on to a power structure, but wrong in the course of faithful Christianity.

The “cult of the Constitution” and the right to bear arms should always be understood in light of the life and example of Jesus Christ.

This is not an issue I intend on letting die another quiet death.  I may even say more on this beautifully and thoughtfully written article by Claiborne.


Mark Tooley, @theIRD, Silent on #SandyHook

Typically, I only mention The Institute on Religion & Democracy when I feel they have reacted to top stories or world events in a less than faithful and compassionate way. I have never brought their name up for nothing at all. Until now. The IRD typically jumps on a chance to include itself in the

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