High Gun Ownership Rates Correlate to High Gun Deaths #thesearefacts #socialholiness

NAGR is a gun rights organization

The horrific gun massacre at the Washington Naval Yard has done farily little to reignite the gun control debate. This is not surprising, considering the state of the debate following things like #Aurora #Tuscon and #NewTown.

Those opposed to any sort of gun control are focusing on the wrong parts of the 2nd Amendment and the fact that media outlets identified the weapon incorrectly – missing the point again. Horrifically, and with continuing fatal consequences.

In the wake of the tragedy, The American Journal of Medicine has pushed ahead the publishing of a study about gun rates and gun deaths – and how high ownership rates directly correlate to high gun deaths.

The findings are unsurprising, but important.

Here's the most important excerpt:

“There was a significant correlation between guns per head per country and the rate of firearm-related deaths with Japan being on one end of the spectrum and the US being on the other. This argues against the notion of more guns translating into less crime. South Africa was the only outlier in that the observed firearms-related death rate was several times higher than expected from gun ownership.”

The only country which didn't line up with the results was South Africa. That's it.

Science proves it. Your common sense tells you it's true. Why can't we do anyting about this?

As a pastor, I feel it is my duty towards the Wesleyan idea of “Social Holiness” to speak out on this issue. The Christian cannot let this status quo remain. The Christian should be outspoken when common sense proves Biblical principles.

I hate people who bandy about terms that start with the word “biblical,” but this is actually true.

The goal of Christian involvement in this issue doens't have to be to support measures which remove all guns from the hand of civilians. However, each and every Christian should search their hearts for whether or not they should actually own one, let alone what they believe about the issue.


Great Tact, NAGR…NOT!

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 5.10.05 PM


Mere moments ago, The National Association of Gun Rights (or NAGR, for short), posted this graphic to their Facebook page.

Why yes, that’s the words “Shall not be infringed” pasted over a conglomeration of images from the Revolutionary War.  It’s not George Washington crossing the Potomac, either.

Unless they say otherwise, I’m gonna go ahead and assume that this was posted in response to the bombings in Boston today.  Yes, the gun debate is raging in Washington right now.  However, they used graphics we very frequently associate with Boston to also make this point about their incessantly belligerent fight.

With that, then, we can assume that their response to this horrible bombing is to pick up on their radical gun rights rhetoric.

It could have been a coincidence, but you and I both know the odds of that.

This is disgusting, NAGR, just disgusting.

Consider apologizing (but I know you won’t).

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