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Questions Answered: @utsdoc Talks @UnitedSeminary & @CopelandNetwork

My last post on the nature of the relationship between United Theological Seminary and Kenneth Copeland Ministries garnered a quick response from Dr. David Watson, Academic Dean at UTS. Here are a list of the facts I recounted in my blog: *UTS began it's academic partnership with KCM in 2010. *UTS hosted Kenneth Copeland to

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Questions Answered: @utsdoc Talks @UnitedSeminary & @CopelandNetwork

My last post on the nature of the relationship between United Theological Seminary and Kenneth Copeland Ministries garnered a quick response from Dr. David Watson, Academic Dean at UTS. Here are a list of the facts I recounted in my blog: *UTS began it's academic partnership with KCM in 2010. *UTS hosted Kenneth Copeland to

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Possibly One of My Last @CopelandNetwork, @UnitedSeminary Posts

Kenneth & Gloria Copeland

For reasons I won't presently divulge, this may be one of my last posts on the relationship between Kenneth Copeland Ministries and United Theological Seminary.

I guess I must admit to not knowing the whole story of the relationship between UTS and KCM. I don't know if I've admitted that before, but I'm doing it now.

I am sure I've expressed a desire to know more about it. In fact, most UTS alumni I know have also expressed concern – to varying and elevated degrees.

I recently heard a concern expressed by a UTS faculty member. Essentially, those of us who were expressing concern didn't have the whole story. Additionally, the argument was made that just because someone is invited to speak, doesn't mean the school or faculty necessarily endorses said person or their beliefs.

Think Ahmadinejad being invited to speak at Columbia University.

I will gladly grant that. In fact, I want to state that I will make retractions of any material I have misreported – since I may not have all the facts.

That being said, we do know some things (all of which I've reported before):

*UTS began it's academic partnership with KCM in 2010.

*UTS hosted Kenneth Copeland to speak in Dayton, OH.

*A UTS official claimed his visit generated $20,000 for the school.

*As recently as 2009, KCM had been under investigation for financial practices – and we all know that's not the first time that's happened.

*I'm not sure if this means anything, but a UTS board member is a former employee of and son-in-law to Copeland. (I'm not alleging any impropriety by mentioning that, I just think it's relevant somehow)

Mitigating these circumsances is the fact that one UTS faculty member explained to me that the relationship between UTS and KCM was a strictly an academic one. KCM has an extenxive digital ministry, and UTS was going to take advantage of the opportunity to have their students learn from some of the best.

However, the above list of known facts is still disconcerting. It is fine to say that Kenneth Copeland doesn't represent the views of all faculty and staff, but the partnership with his organization appears to be an endorsement of them. Copeland's actual speaking engagement in Dayton is just more fodder for those experssing concerns.

Here's my question: Why doesn't UTS address the concerns it knows it's students and alumni have?

I've seen press releases from UTS before, and their subject matter isn't as important as this appears to be. They could use the tools at their disposal and record a video message, addressing concerns and answering questions – telling us all why we shouldn't be so concerned about this relationship.

Heck, I'll even come to interview anyone who would like to help set the record straight. I like to stir the pot, but I also pride myself on being fair.

Well, that's it for now – when it comes to UTS and KCM, at least.

My previous Copeland posts are here and here.



Did @UnitedSeminary Read This Before They Partnered With @CopelandNetwork?

An actual quote from a partner of United Theological Seminary


I must preface this post with an explanation of my official position on United Theological Seminary.

I love this school. I've loved nearly every class I've taken. I've loved nearly every professor I've had. Though I am a non-traditional student, I've loved nearly every moment of student life at the school.

The problem I have – which I've covered before – is with the school's institutional direction.

My concerns began when I learned that UTS would be partnering with Kenneth Copeland. Yes, that Kenneth Copeland. The same Kenneth Copeland who John Piper – a man with whom I share copious disagreements – has called a “founder” of the prosperity gospel.

When I found out that Copeland would be partnering with UTS's D.Min program, I became concerned. Off the record, I was told by a faculty member that the partnership was more about taking advantage of KCM's digital ministries and the learnings that could happen as a result. However, it wasn't long before the school was touting a preaching visit by the televangelist – and expressing amazement at how he helped the school raise $20,000 during his visit.

So far, I'm sure you can see how I can be concerned that a United Methodist seminary is partnering with someone so theologically askew from where they claim to be.

However, my overriding question remains unanswered. How could they have made such a shortsighted decision in the first place?

News about who Copeland is and what his “ministry” is all about is not hard to come by. In fact, I found this article from the New York Times which contains the quote from Gloria Copeland (featured above) and information on the latest investigation in which he and his acolytes find themselves embroiled.

I couldn't find information on how that investigation went, but the fact that this wasn't his first run-in with the Feds should have been a clue to proceed with caution – if at all.

This article dates to '09 – before the partnership officially began – so there is no reason they shouldn't have known this information. Frankly, all you would have needed to do was watch his show for any length of time to decide that a United Methodist seminary shouldn't be partnering – for any reason – with an organization that believes as they do.

Also, I find it troubling that a United official thought a major selling point of Copeland's partnership with the school was that he was able to raise such a large amount of money for the school.

If such a fuss is raised about Claremont's adherence to orthodoxy, why aren't more people paying attention to orthodoxy at United?

The problem – I believe – is that United is experiencing so much commercial success at this time, that no one really cares about how they are getting things done.

As I said, I love being a student at United, and I wouldn't trade it – honestly.

I just wonder when they might make their next Copeland-esque move?



United Knows What You Think of Them – @unitedseminary

I wish this wasn't the topic for my first post in a while, but here it goes.

I also haven't posted about United Theological Seminary for a while, but I can't help this one.

I haven't ever heard an official from United speak about Kenneth Copeland (I speak about him here) and their recent turn towards conservatism – until this morning.

I overheard a conversation held in the common area of UTS this morning. I can't recall the entire conversation, but here are the highlights.

*During his D.Min visit last year, Kenneth Copeland helped raise $20,000 for the school.

*This official didn't see why Copeland's son-in-law shouldn't have been brought onto the board of the school. (Dr. Swisher is a UTS grad and works for Kenneth Copeland Ministries)

*This official was unconcerned with the view that everyone thinks UTS is taking a turn towards conservatism.

I share this with you because it is the first time I've heard a UTS official speak candidly about things like Copeland and the school's institutional changes over the last few years.

Admittedly, I do not know in what context these comments were being made, but I heard them – and decided to report them to you.

So, there's that.


I Sarcastically Answer a Fill-In-The-Blank Tweet from @kennethcopeland

So, Kenneth Copeland asked a trivia question via Twitter this morning. Here it is:   Fill in the Blank: The Name of the Lord is a strong _____, the righteous run to it and are safe. Prov 18:10 — Kenneth Copeland (@CopelandNetwork) August 25, 2012 To which, my response was:   @copelandnetwork disinfectant — Chris

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Your Dose of @CopelandNetwork Gobbledegook

#Faith comes by hearing and goes by saying. #Faith is released by your words. – Gloria Copeland — Kenneth Copeland (@CopelandNetwork) March 26, 2012 Alright, I have said some things in the pulpit that just don’t make sense.  However, Gloria Copeland had someone post this via Twitter.  This means someone–Gloria, her assistant, her assistant’s assistant–read

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MY 100TH POST!!! @UnitedSeminary, Is This The Kind Of Theology We Can Expect From Now On?: @CopelandNetwork & The Word-Faith Movement

“#Believing you receive is #believing that it is happening for you now!” -Kenneth Copeland — Kenneth Copeland (@CopelandNetwork) February 9, 2012 Two recent tweets have made me realize that United Theological Seminary is doing one of two things.  Either they are unaware of the theology of its newest partner, or they are aware–and ignoring it.

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