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An Open Letter by @csalafia To The Folks at @TheIRD

My friend, Christian – @csalafia & homebrewedtheology.com – wrote this amazing open letter to the neo-con, Washington think-tank posing as a United Methodist renewal group, The Institute on Religion and Democracy. There is scripture. There is Book of Discipline. It has it all, and should haunt the consciences of all those who inhabit the Washington

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The Church Is Not A Business, Jeffery Walton – @TheIRD

  In the wake of Atlanta-based pastor Louis Giglio’s decision to back out of praying during President Obama’s 2nd inaugural – due to backlash he received based upon an anti-gay sermon he preached in the 90’s – The Institute on Religion & Democracy has made sure to display it’s righteous indignation. I’m not writing to comment

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A Response From @theIRD

The Institute on Religion & Democracy has broken their silence on the Newtown massacre.  Though, being generously fair, they responded on the night of the 14th. In an article posted on their blog – Juicy Ecumenism – Jeffery Walton reports the actions of the Dean of the Washington National Cathedral, in the wake of the tragedy.

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