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NOT SURPRISED #2 – #GeorgeZimmerman Back in Custody


There aren't many details available yet, but George Zimmerman has been taken into custody. Reportedly, he brandished a gun in the midst of an altercation with his wife and her father.

As if to prove the Florida jury who acquitted him and Sean Hannity wrong, George Zimmerman has been doing nothing to help his already tarnished public image.

So, in honor of George Zimmerman's return to police custody, I'm enlisting the help of Jafar's parrot – Iago – to help me say:





Video From The Pastor’s Office #18 – “Guns & The Christian”

The news today is that many gun control proposals are on their way to the garbage heap of history. I talk about that and the Christian's response to the issue of guns, in this episode.


An Open Letter by @csalafia To The Folks at @TheIRD

My friend, Christian – @csalafia & homebrewedtheology.com – wrote this amazing open letter to the neo-con, Washington think-tank posing as a United Methodist renewal group, The Institute on Religion and Democracy. There is scripture. There is Book of Discipline. It has it all, and should haunt the consciences of all those who inhabit the Washington

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NAGR’s Increased Race-Baiting

My friend Joel – @eJoelWatts & unsettledchristianity.com – has commented on some of the racist rhetoric permeating the various gun rights advocacy groups online (here and here). I have been taking on a particular group, NAGR (it is beginning to look less and less like a coincidence) – The National Association for Gun Rights. Here

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Joel Nails It On “The Cult of the Constitution” – @ejoelwatts

Joel Watts – http://www.unsettledchristianity.com – wrote a nice little piece about how the Constitution of the United States takes on cult-like status with many of it's staunchest supporters. This hasn't been more clear than in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. There are many highlights from the article, but here is

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Too Much Gun Control Advocacy, Huh?

This is a graphic used by NAGR – The National Association for Gun Rights. They have been using it for quite some time. Not just in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary – as they seek to preempt proposed gun control measures – but much of the last year. To be clear,

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NAGR & (Not So Veiled) Racism

I don't tend to be one to care much about being politically correct. I do, however, understand the context around which certain terms were used to promote hatred and persecution of a particular group of people or ethnicity. I also understand the relationship between certain ethnic groups, which have often led to one believing it

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Alex Jones Is A Dancing Monkey

Alex Jones is a radio talk show host, based out of Austin Texas.  From his early work helping to rebuild the Branch Davidian complex, he has been a firebrand mouthpiece for neo-patriotic libertarianism ™.  Every conspiracy theory you have ever heard, dealing with the New World Order and “big brother,” has been championed by this

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This Graphic Is Dishonestly Fabricated – This Is What We’re Dealing With

  The Affordable Care Act – pejoratively known as “Obamacare” – has absolutely nothing to do with the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, or the issue of gun control/violence.  You might ask, then, why is it included in this graphic (I saw posted over-and-over on Facebook) – designed to rile-up and scare gun control

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“Win $600 In Ammo”

This isn't helping.

The National Association for Gun Rights – or NAGR (subtle, huh?) – is giving away $600 in free ammo. This is a promotion for their Facebook page. This is moronic…and dangerous. Not inherently, but it certainly isn't helping our massive gun violence problem.

Should gun companies or gun advocacy groups be able to give away ammo?

You can guess my answer, but why do you believe what it is you believe?


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