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Can #UMC-ers ‘Blog It Out’ in Preparation for General Conference?

Joel Watts is attempting to work out what it means to be a United Methodist blogger – as opposed to a United Methodist who blogs. His latest post gets the ball rolling on the subject.

In doing so, he raises an interesting question:

Can, or should we, use [the blogosphere] to settle disputes before the General Conference?

There are certainly questions of efficiency and polity to consider, but why couldn't we make the blogosphere help us make General Conference a better governing body? Anyone who has paid any attention to General Conferences over the past few quadrennia certainly knows how constipated a process it has become. Could our rhetoric and advocacy in the blogosphere lead to a more pleasurable or productive General Conference experience.

To be sure, UM bloggers would have to learn to abide by certain ground rules. That is, if our rhetoric remains deadlocked within the same left-right, ideological malaise, there would be no reason to attempt this type of feat. However, if we agreed to speak with each other and about differing subjects as if we are each creatures of sacred worth, we might be able to incorporate the blogosphere into our polity in this fashion.

Am I off base? What would you suggest?

Let's get talking! 2016 is not far away.


General Conference 2012 – #GC2012 – Highlights from Twitter

For those of us who are United Methodists, it is of significant importance to note that our legislative body is meeting in Tampa, Florida this week. For 40 years, the different issues surrounding the LBGTQI community will be under consideration–with differing and contentious results.  Also, a church restructuring plan is under consideration–endorsed by and fought

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Happy General Conference 2012 Eve, Everybody! #mydailyprayer

There is a good chance that the UMC will experience a watershed moment in the next 10 years.  Most likely, there will be an official split (led by conservatives who desire this type of move) or a movement of churches with conservative leadership seceding from the denomination (much like the Anglican church).

I do not want this.  My sincere #mydailyprayer for this and future meetings of UMC governing bodies is that the peace of Jesus Christ will reign and unity will prevail.

But, maybe that’s just the starry-eyed Christian in me.

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