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@eJoelWatts & Myself Respond to @JohnLomperis on @HuffPostRelig

A quick post to direct you to a response I penned with Joel. John Lomperis of The Institute on Religion & Democracy wrote a Washington Post op-ed, and we believe it is woefully incorrect.  

Oh, Let Me Answer That for You, @eJoelWatts

Joel has certainly taken a liking to the new Holy Father (evidenced here, here and here). He called out those of us who were quick to be pessimistic about this new Pope, once news began to spread about his demeaning comments about the LBGT community.  I was one of them, and I gave my mea culpa:

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Jason – @pastoralmusings – Doesn’t Like When Things Get Real (@ejoelwatts)

  I caught the tail end of a squabble between Joel Watts – unsettledchristianity.com – and Jason at pastoralmusings.com. Normally, I would steer clear of disagreements between people who are as versed as they are at what it is they do. However, I noticed a trend in the way Jason approaches disagreements that cannot be

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