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David Barton – @DavidBartonWB – Hoisted By His Own Petard

According to Wikipedia, a petard (peh-tard) is a French bomb meant to deal fatal damage upon one's enemy. Once in a while, a petardier would fail to detonate a petard far enough away from himself – and would, thereby, be hoisted in the air by the explosion. David Barton failed to get his petard far

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That’s ‘god,’ Not God


First problem, any organization whose profile picture combines the “Don't Tread On Me” snake and the NRA acronym sitting atop the Arizona state flag, should be approached with extreme caution.

Apparently, this is a Facebook group. It exists, and has 4,200+ followers. YIKES!

Another problem is the group's name – “God, Guns & Free Speech.” If you are going to perform any act of alliteration with the name of God, you should ensure that the next word isn't “guns” – or any of the words after that, for that matter.

The third problem I spot is their line about “unconstitutional laws.” This is – technically – a true statement. However, just because you disagree with a law, doesn't make it unconstitutional. It's kinda like how you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

This seems an important distinction to make when you speak to radical gun nuts.

Finally, it's important to note the highlighted quotes. The one which shows most prominently is the one noted in this screenshot – from Thomas Jefferson. There has been enough shoddy scholarship surrounding Thomas Jefferson – thanks to David Barton and the Cult of the Constitution(tm) – that I won't delve into it, lest I become a culprit. What is true to say, without a doubt, is who groups like these choose to quote when making their arguments for “god” and guns.

They never quote Jesus. They rarely quote scripture. In fact, this quote from Jefferson is a direct refutation of the well-known quote from Isaiah 2.

The fact is that groups like these – and all the other communities claiming the name of God right along their greater devotion to the 2nd amendment (a splinter group from the Cult of the Constitution(tm)) – often ignore scriptural themes like non-violence, especially when it doesn't line up with their desires or interests.

This is not to say that myself or others aren't guilty of that from time to time, but I digress…

The “god” these people are referring isn't the God they think it is. If they wish to use a lower case “g”, I would gladly drop my objections to their organization's motivations.

If that “G” stays in the upper case, then there remains a problem.


Barton’s Statement on the Recall of His Book

David Barton’s book – The Jefferson Lies – has been pulled by Thomas Nelson Publishers for the inaccuracies it contained. Several professional historians have mounted counter-proposals in response to the outright lies it contained. However, it appears as if there is another publisher willing to sell their soul to the devil in order to rake

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Barton Wrong on Jefferson? Throckmorton and Coulter Debunk ‘The Jefferson Lies’

My recent oath to exclude politics and destructive rhetoric from my blog notwithstanding, I am still an historian who feels it important to point out when someone is getting something abhorrently wrong. David Barton’s recent book about Thomas Jefferson–The Jefferson Lies–is something which needs to be refuted. In their book–Getting Jefferson Right–Warren Throckmorton and Michael

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QUICK UPDATE: I Haven’t Forgotten About My ‘Monumental’ Stuff

In the run-up to the release of the latest Kirk Cameron joint Monumental, I provided you with information and insight.  After seeing it in the theatre, I have much more to offer. I do need to start off with this.  I had a great time.  The movie was entertaining and beautiful to look at.  The art

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UPDATE: Perkins’ FRC Stands “With Kirk” Cameron as “Monumental” Approaches

The Family Research Council–headed by Tony Perkins–has begun a campaign for their supporters on Facebook to show solidarity with Mike Seaver on Monumental. The idea is that you “like” and “share” this (the photo above) through your Facebook account.  As of 1:13pm, there were 85 people who had commented on the photo and nearly 1,500 who have

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BREAKING: David Barton Interviewed by Kirk Cameron in “Monumental”

I truly was willing to give Monumental a chance–not much of one–but a chance.  However, it has come to my attention that Mike Seaver will be interviewing David Barton as part of his history-esque movie.  I found the information on Urban Christian News–which I didn’t realize was a thing.  Here is a portion of the article

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Kirk Cameron’s “Monumental” Mistake

So, it would appear I have plans on March 27th, 2012.  Kirk Cameron is “presenting” a “live” theatre event across the country to premier his new movie Monumental (find the movie’s website here).  I first heard about this from Glenn Beck’s “news” website, The Blaze.  Apparently, Cameron made his appeal to CPAC that “our history has…been re-written.”

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David Barton Is ONLY An Amateur Historian

As a student at Ball State University, I studied history with professors who challenged my pre-concieved notions about what so many had assumed was one way–only to realize that it may very well have been another.  For instance, the world has popularly remembered the wars at the beginning of the last century as separate wars–World

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