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Christians Creating Culture, Not Controlling It


This semester – my final semester at United Seminary (as I graduate in December) – I’m taking a class entitled ‘Christ, Culture & Conversion.’

So far, it has proved to be very challenging and exciting.

The above video features Andy Crouch – editor of Christianity Today – talking about how Christians should understand, interact with and create culture.

I highly recommend taking 10 minutes to view it.

Christians should be about creating, contributing to and interacting with the culture (a term which he defines in this video), rather than seeking to control it.  When we seek to control the culture – as we see is the goal of so many prominent Christians today – we typically don’t do a very good job.

To borrow a phrase from my new obsession with British television, “we muck it up.”  Let’s stop mucking it up.


Joel is Right, but Needs Further Clarification

The Cross, the Church and the Flag

My friend, Joel, posted an interesting theory about the decline of the mainline church and the anti-intellectual streak within evangelical mainline enclaves.

How much better would we be if we had taught questioning our faith instead of absolute intellectual surrender when the New Atheists and Ken Ham arrived?

Essentially, he suggests that this “intellectual surrender” has forced the church to surrender credibility in order to maintain uniformity of thought. When a person with a question is told to “just believe” or that their question represents a lack of faith, why wouldn't that questioner find somewhere else to be? This is my paraphrase, but I think this is what he's saying.

I believe his theory to be correct, but insufficient.

We in the church must, first, disabuse (this word not used accidentally) ourselves of the notion that commercial success and the American Dream are synonymous with faithful Christianity.

They're so not.

They may even be the antithesis.

However, those who foster an unquestioning faith tend to experience the greater numeric church success.

Unless these ideas are separated by as much ground as we can get between them, the numeric success experienced by anti-intellectual evangelicalism will motivate the defense of the status quo – and his theory will wither on the vine.

Catholic Church Pro-Life, Unless $ On The Line

A malpractice lawsuit has exposed the Catholic as a fraudulent, hypocritical, money-grubbing cult. One man has sued a Catholic hospital for malpractice in the death of his wife and unborn twins. When the pregnant woman was brought into the emergency room, a blood clot was on the verge of causing a massive heart attack. The

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Spitballing the Future of the Church Part 2: Are There More Disillusioned Young Clergy?

  Yesterday, I had a Facebook message chat with a friend of mine.  I will not tell you how close, but he is on the cusp of being ordained an elder in the United Methodist Church.  We had always discussed what was bothering us about different aspects of the the church and the life of

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SERMON: Series Part 1 “John Wesley on The 2012 Election”

Mark 12.17 17 Jesus said to them, “Give to the emperor the things that are the emperor’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” And they were utterly amazed at him. John Wesley on The 2012 Election We are beginning a four-week sermon series on John Wesley.  We are going to look at what

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Spitballing the Future of the Church: Small and Rural Edition

  On The Verge: A Look Into The Apostolic Future of The Church is a book written by Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson.  In it, Hirsch posits that the church became the power structure and lost it’s status as a vital movement.  Essentially, the church becoming the power structure – at about the time Constantine

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One Last Thing About the #chickfila Thing

I was catching up on my Daily Show and The Colbert Report DVR backlog and saw their reaction to the #chickfila controversy. Most of it had to do with the appreciation day sponsored by Mike Huckabee and the Fox News universe.   If you want to eat #chickfila, please do. If you ate there because

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My Summer Reading List 2012 (REVISED)

I know I should have waited until after Annual Conference to finalize my summer reading list.  I picked up some books from Cokesbury and had some suggested to me.  It won’t be as elaborate as my last list, but here it is: Minding the Good Ground by Jason E. Vickers Hijacked: Responding to the Partisan

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Author @ThomRainer Talks About How Important Commitment is to the Life of the Church

I could have just retweeted this.  However, I have a blog that has this cool feature where I can embed what looks like Twitter right into the post. That aside, I know this tracks back to his book, but it still sounds like a plan. Simple churches have a clearly defined process that moves people

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Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh: Two More United Methodists Butting Heads

The UMNS picked up a prominent national story when they interviewed Gerogetown Law student–and United Methodist–Sandra Fluke.  Fluke was recently the subject of a personal attack by Rush Limbaugh–also a United Methodist.  I am not bringing this blog into the controversy, I just thought interested parties would like to know.  The UMNS story–which also mentions Fluke’s

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