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Pope Francis Is Bringing “Traditional” Christians Back to Christianity @Pontifex

Pope Francis I, shortly after being elected as pontiff

As if on que, “traditional” Christians and their respective news sources raced to their computers – in order to quell their own fears that the first South American Pope was pulling the rug out from under their feet.

They have a point.

In my post from yesterday, I praised the Pope for calling out “traditional” Christians and their dogged obsession with what happens in people's bedrooms. His point was not to change Catholic doctrine concerning the LBGT community, abortion and the like, but to say that Christians are making themselves obselete by hatefully obsessing over the same social issues.

Since the Sexual Revolution of the 1960's – at least in America – Catholics and evangelicals have been obsessively fighting the advance of people's rights, especially in there areas. In a mostly hateful fashion (I use that adjective unapologetically), Christians have fought, wailed, whined and cried “Persecution!” whenever they don't get their way in these matters.

I still hold that it is this and other of their actions that contribute greatly to the church's decline over the last 10 years.


In a statement I thought I wouldn't hear for quite some time, The Christian Post correctly points out that Francis hasn't changed church doctrine – neither has he indicated as much.

So, what's the big deal, then?

Francis has sought to change the church's tone on matters such as these. If alien life forms set foot on our little rock – and looked at the actions, demonstrations and sermons in the typical Catholic or evangelical church today – they would be forgiven for thinking that the only issues that matter to this population segment are the cultural hot-buttons. All Francis is doing is saying the church has been doing it wrong.

In my opinion, really, really, REALLY wrong.

So, then, why are so many people warming to this Pontiff?

He's a straight shooter, grace-filled listener and honest arbiter in the conversation. Far too much of the debates surrounding our cultural hot-buttons are dominated by religious conservatives screaming to get their way, then crying “persecution” when it doesn't.

Francis calls all Christians to be more grace-filled, and to practice much less toolbaggery.

So, traditionalists, rest easy and don't have another conniption over Francis increasingly grace-filled words. You can rest easy, because he still believes like you.


Thank You, @eJoelWatts, For Cleaning-Up My Sloppiness

My friend, Joel, is one of the smartest guys I know. He's written this book, and co-edited this one (check 'em out, won't you?). If I need some sight-read exegesis, I go to him.

Alright, slobber-fest over.

You'll remember this post containing this episode of my vlog (you should, since it was this morning) about this article from HuffPo:

First, I used shorthand for the footwashing because I was trying to keep the vlog under 5 minutes. People watch longer and pick up more of your information if your video is between 3-5 minutes. The exact details of that story were the casualty of that effort.

Second, I used the Pope's words incorrectly. I used a short-cut based on HuffPo's short-cut. Like making a copy of a copy, each version is worse than the last.

I made this mistake. As a responsible bloggger, I want to apologize for this sloppiness.

I realized just how sloppy it was because of the diligent scholarship of Joel.

In this post, he adds this response to my response to Pope Francis' Wednesday homily:

You get it. Il Papa is not actually saying our works redeem us. His claim is that all of creation is redeemed by the blood of Christ…to do good works.

I was impressed with the original blurb about the Pope's homily, because it showed how different this Pope is showing himself to be.

My vlog emphasized the Pope's recognition of the sacred in all of us – not just Christians. There are far too few prominent Christians making claims so “bold.”

As for Joel and I, we're cool. He's a scholar. I'm a pastor. Many of the skills required to do either of these things are interchangable, but we are inter-dependent on each other.

Pastors need scholars to stay informed. Scholars need pastors to stay grounded.

To sum up, I'm sorry for using a sloppy illustration. You can count on this not happening very often, from this point on.


Catholic Blogger Loves Penn Jillette For Wrong Reasons

***In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that one of the characters in this post once hosted a conversation where I was told I was “impersonating” a man of God.  In their opinion, no clergy person who isn’t Catholic is actually a clergy person.  I was bringing disgrace to God and his REAL church.  I’ve had a sour taste in my mouth ever since – when it comes to the Catholic Church.

The Facebook page for CatholicMemes.com posted a link to a South African blogger who wrote an article about how Penn Jillette put the screws to Piers Morgan.  Morgan claims to be a Catholic.  Since he doesn’t agree with ALL church doctrine, Mark Cogitates (the blogger) believes he might be something else – but he’s not Catholic.  At that point, then, he’s probably not even a Christian (as pre-Vatican II Catholics are want to believe).

The funny part of his little blog post is that he counts on the arguments of a prominent atheist – Penn Jillette – to bolster his point.  Why is this funny?  Because, the only way a Catholic would count on the logic of an Atheist is if it helps their argument.

It’s kind of like how the Catholic Church is pro-life – until it effects their bottom-line.  We know that based upon the malpractice suit from Colorado, where the Church argued that a fetus wasn’t a person – so they could avoid a hefty monetary judgement.

As you can easily see, the church will use whatever it can to save them money and win an argument.  Here’s the video evidence:

Jillette – who is well-versed in the Catholic faith – was taking the Catholic Church line when it comes to the teachings of the church being unchangeable.  His argument was made tongue-in-cheek, as his objective was to demonstrate how ridiculous the beliefs of the church are, but he argued them very well.

Then, some Catholic blogger sees this video and decides that this particular Atheist’s argument lines up enough with my own that I’m gonna use it.

It is just more evidence that the Catholic Church’s line is to use whatever it can to make itself look strong and blameless – or save it money.

I welcome your comments and questions.

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