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Oh Yeah, @rickygervais? Well, I Won’t See Your Movies Anymore

Tweet from @rickygervais


I am a fan of this man's work on the big and small screen.

I love both the US & UK versions of 'The Office.' I love his tiny roles in the 'Night at the Museum' movies. And even though it has a slightly anti-Christian message, I love 'The Invention of Lying.' In fact, I ink that movie was brilliant.

But I'm growing tired of his distinctly negative view of Christianity.

Yeah, much of Christianity has and continues to treat atheists – such as he is – like less than dirt. It's laughable how their arguments against atheists can so easily be made about them. I often find myself agreeing with many of the quips and retorts atheists make against my Christian brethren.

However, Ricky Gervais has used up all the good will I'm willing to give.

One of his latest rants was the gem pictured above.

I'm guessing he's avoided Satanists because of the sheer lack of them. I would also venture to guess that there might just be more Pentecostal, Lesbian UCC members (yeah, that's a thing) than there are Satanists.

Additionally, I've never heard Ricky speak an ill word against Satan.

It could exist, but it's the “Unicorn that farts glitter” of Ricky Gervais tweets.

The problem with Ricky Gervais – and others like Hitchens (God rest him) and Bill Maher – is the very large and largely ignorant brush with which they paint people of all faiths. That's the point where their idea of “tolerance” looks exactly like the intolerance they purportedly hate so very much.

I won't say I'll never see another one of his movies or TV shows. However, it is safe to say I won't be seeking out anything by him.

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…Or ‘How to Be Successful in Business, Yet Remain a Total Knob-End’ @realDonaldTrump

‘Nuff said.

Ignoring Context? @JohnPiper’s Guilty

It’s just too bad that Piper ignores the context here. Jesus is in the garden, praying, while the disciples are supposed to be watching for soldiers in the night.  Jesus asks them to get up so they don’t go to sleep again.   “Rise, pray that you not enter into temptation.” Luke 22:46 Morning prayer

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Is This Picture Racist? @adamsbaldwin #bbn


I need some help from you.

I came across this picture on Twitter. It was retweeted by Adam Baldwin (a.k.a. Jayne, Col. John Casey).

I feel this picture is racially insensitive, if not racist.

Am I wrong? Leave your comments below.


Joel & His Relatively Well-Constructed Tin-Foil Hat About Angus T. Jones (UPDATE)

My friend, Joel, has hypothised that the recent conversion of 'Two and a Half Men' star – Angus T. Jones – is part of a mental breakdown. As I understand it, Jones has recently shown varying opinions about the show on which he has starred since the age of 9. In his most recent public

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Mark Tooley’s Disgusting Straw Man Speculation – @theIRD

  Mark Tooley reeled me in this time. In an article posted by One News Now, Mark Tooley begins a story by using the POTUS’s middle name (Hussein) – in this context, a dog-whistle to connect Obama to “the other” in the reader’s mind – and recounting the history of his membership at Wright’s Trinity

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Keith Pavlisheck of @theIRD Creates a Straw Man from a Straw Man

  Keith Pavlisheck is a blogger with The Institute on Religion & Democracy.  Apparently, he also specializes in calling fellow believers names and having a sullen sense of superiority about it. Shane Claiborne is a pacifist – and a church leader, writer and prolific national speaker.  He views Jesus self-sacrificing death on the cross as a

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@DrJEWest Makes A Great Point, My Morning

  There really is no substitute for the community inherent in living the Christian faith. I thought this was a funny way of describing it's importance.   Great way to use your tweets, Dr. West.   His blog is also good. Maybe go check it out.  

‘We’re No. 4!’ @UnitedSeminary Takes a Victory Lap?

United Theological Seminary is a school on the rise.  For better or worse, their enrollment is up and they are gaining a reputation for being one of the top theological schools in the UMC–maybe even the country. They are doing so well–in fact–that they were named #4 in a survey of graduate programs…in Dayton, OH…by

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I Sarcastically Answer a Fill-In-The-Blank Tweet from @kennethcopeland

So, Kenneth Copeland asked a trivia question via Twitter this morning. Here it is:   Fill in the Blank: The Name of the Lord is a strong _____, the righteous run to it and are safe. Prov 18:10 — Kenneth Copeland (@CopelandNetwork) August 25, 2012 To which, my response was:   @copelandnetwork disinfectant — Chris

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