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Wednesday Morning Awesomeness from @WilGafney

  From time to time, I will highlight individual tweets for adulation or censure. This post signifies the former. Thank you, Dr. Gafney.  

Hypocrisy in Evangelism?

I am taking a course entitled “Issues in Evangelism” this semester. One of the texts Paul Chilcote’s The Study of Evangelism: Exploring a Missional Practice of the Church. This is a pretty powerful quote (from page 12): Evangelism is possible only when the community that evangelizes – the church – is a radiant manifestation of

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Pastoral Authority in a Postmodern World

This is a post I made to the United Theological Seminary discussion forum for my class “Preparing to Preach.” I decided to share it with my readers because it is an issue which is so vitally important to the survival of the church. If pastors do not find a way to remain authoritative in a

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“Tangible in the church itself…”

In the wake of the events which led to my departure from Kewanna, my father-in-law sent me a book entitled A Door Set Open by Peter L. Steinke. I have gathered many nuggets of wisdom from its pages. I found this quote within which I thought I should share with you. It deals with the

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