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300th Post!

This is my 300th post! Thank you for your support.

Here's to the next 300!



Is This Picture Racist? @adamsbaldwin #bbn


I need some help from you.

I came across this picture on Twitter. It was retweeted by Adam Baldwin (a.k.a. Jayne, Col. John Casey).

I feel this picture is racially insensitive, if not racist.

Am I wrong? Leave your comments below.


The Good News?

So, I am checking the news before I go to bed. All of the sudden, I notice a strange tableau across the top of the screen. This “Twinkie mania” we are living through should call our attention to the absolute insanity of it (are we actually auctioning Twinkie's like celebrity autographs?) . There might just

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Church Too Political? This Is Why Everyone Thinks So

  This picture proves the church is too political. Let me back that statement up a tad… Target sells masks of both candidates for president–priced to sell a $4. The first time I saw them, I didn't want to spend $8 on two masks I would only wear around the house (seeing as I can't

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Your Coffee is Reporting for Duty!


'Java Jacket' by Brock Davis


I thought you could use some motivation for your Friday. If you can't get up for your coffee, know that your coffee is getting up for you!


This comes to you courtesy of – a blog to which I subscribe.



Journey of the Cross 16: Kissing the Bricks

On a field trip with Nate’s class, I snapped this picture of the cross on the bricks at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway.



Journey of the Cross 15: Introduction of the Cross

Here's the new cross!


Sitting outside the parsonage, this will be the official cross of my blog for the foreseeable future. Note the differences between this and the recently retired cross of my blog. There ARE straight lines, and there IS NOT any pink. This was a minor oversight in my initial work in the field of cross painting.


Be on the lookout for your opportunity to get your hands on my first cross!



Journey of the Cross 14: Retirement of the Cross

Gotta play some catch-up when it comes to my favorite blog segment, Journey of the Cross.


This is the last photo for this particular cross, which I painted myself. I have painted another cross, which I like better. Look for the first photos of the new design coming in the next few days.



“Hitler, Obama And The UMC: Three Peas In A Pod”

Now that I have your attention…I need you to read this entire post. I only created this headline so people might read this post, because I feel more passionately about this than anything I have ever done as a minister of the gospel. I never desired this blog to be a place where criticism of

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Journey of the Cross 13: Goodbye, Buckeyes!


It was a real blessing to be on campus at United Theological Seminary this last week, but I–and I never thought I would say this–I was really glad to be back in Indiana.

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