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SERMON from 5-5-13: “Those Who Love Me…” (VIDEO)

This is my first attempt to record and share a sermon on YouTube. It will not be the last.

I appreciate your patience as I tweak the sermon podcast to make it more visually and audibly appealing.



NFTPO Gets A New Graphic Face!


Just in case you have been hesitant to pull the trigger, let me suggest Fiverr for a plethora of your needs.  Whether you desire a cartoony graphic for your blog or site, or you want someone to sing “Happy Birthday” to you while they are dressed like Marilyn Monroe (yeah, they have that), Fiverr is the place to go for all these things – at the base price of $5.

The only reason for the qualifier is to say that in order to make more money per gig, merchants on this site can allow you to purchase “bonuses.”  It’s how I got the background on this particular graphic.

I love it and am recommending it to all my readers.



Video From The Pastor’s Office #13 – “With Musical Guest, Ron Jones”

Our annual Lenten breakfast took place this last Sunday. Usually, there is a speaker. This year, we were able to snag a musician. Enjoy one of his songs!




Video From The Pastor’s Office #11 – “An Apology to Ben Michael”

I called someone a name on social media. Here's my apology.


Notes From The Pastor’s Office #10 – “Lessons From A Creationist Textbook”

There was a great article published by PBS, and it inspired me to give it my vlog treatment. Here is NFTPO #10. Three words: fire…breathing…dragons!    

Notes From The Pastor’s Office #9 – “Hooper vs. Gibson”

The 9th episode of the 2nd generation of my vlog is up and ready for your perusal. I am looking at what two movies have to tell us about “salvation.” If you're a fan of The Passion of the Christ, my apologies in advance. Enjoy.  

Now, I’m An Activist: A Passionate Parson Finds His Calling

I am passionate about the things in which I believe. If you are a regular follower of my blog, you know that. What you also know is that I really only ever write about them. That changed on Friday afternoon. Just like you, the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School saddened me in a way

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Spitballing the Future of the Church: Small and Rural Edition

  On The Verge: A Look Into The Apostolic Future of The Church is a book written by Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson.  In it, Hirsch posits that the church became the power structure and lost it’s status as a vital movement.  Essentially, the church becoming the power structure – at about the time Constantine

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Billy Graham Sells Out Before Checking Out – Mormonism No ‘Cult’

I don’t mean to sound crass, but Billy Graham is suffering from a long list of ailments that may soon “call him home.”  But before he does that, he needs to help a Mormon get elected by selling out his long held beliefs. NOTE: This is not an anti-Mormon post.  I don’t care about the

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@GlennBeck is Fasting

    On his broadcast this morning, radio talk show host and burgeoning media mogul Glenn Beck shared with his audience of millions that he and his co-hosts were fasting for God’s will to be done during this campaign season.  Oopsy. You see, fasting is not really supposed to be something you go around telling

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