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Journey of the Cross 15: Introduction of the Cross

Here's the new cross!


Sitting outside the parsonage, this will be the official cross of my blog for the foreseeable future. Note the differences between this and the recently retired cross of my blog. There ARE straight lines, and there IS NOT any pink. This was a minor oversight in my initial work in the field of cross painting.


Be on the lookout for your opportunity to get your hands on my first cross!



Journey of the Cross 14: Retirement of the Cross

Gotta play some catch-up when it comes to my favorite blog segment, Journey of the Cross.


This is the last photo for this particular cross, which I painted myself. I have painted another cross, which I like better. Look for the first photos of the new design coming in the next few days.




Journey of the Cross 13: Goodbye, Buckeyes!


It was a real blessing to be on campus at United Theological Seminary this last week, but I–and I never thought I would say this–I was really glad to be back in Indiana.


Journey of the Cross 11: Rural Decay

In rural settings, there are plenty of structures that have just been abandoned. This is another example from Forest, IN.


Journey of the Cross 10: Membership Rules?



How many of our churches have unspoken membership rules? Of course, the Christian life is to be lived within a certain understanding of God’s call upon our lives. I am talking about, however, the unspoken ones that keep people out or from coming back.


Journey of the Cross 9: On the Desk of a Seminarian…



This week in Dayton, OH has been fun, interesting and tiring. Here is my desk as it exists in Intro to Theology with Dr. Andrew Park. The cross exists in the midst of it.


Journey of the Cross 8: In the Stacks



In the stacks at the UTS library.


Journey of the Cross 7: Even in the Gutter




The rain gutter outside our hotel room in Dayton, OH.


Journey of the Cross 6: …with Josh Blanchard



UTS almost-graduate Josh Blanchard with the “Notes” cross.


Journey of the Cross 5: Goes to School



The sign at the entrance of UTS

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