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SERMON FODDER: Do we come to God’s table having already spoiled our appetite?

We can come quite full to God’s table, well-satisfied and be too full of what we call life and so do not feel drawn to this kind of refreshment. -Gillick Wow! This quote hit me like a ton of bricks. I am preparing my sermon for Sunday, and come across this in reference to Matthew

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PHOTOS: My day at the dentist

This is me eagerly anticipating the doctor. I have just received the shots I can’t feel anything from my eyebrow to my collar bone This part was fun. Yeah, it’s as gross as it looks. I have always had bad teeth.

The Best Donut Ever!

As a privilege of being the publisher of this blog, I get to share random things of interest from my life. Most of them will be food. This is the most perfect donut ever!