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Conversations with Cleverbot

“Hitler, Obama And The UMC: Three Peas In A Pod”

Now that I have your attention…I need you to read this entire post. I only created this headline so people might read this post, because I feel more passionately about this than anything I have ever done as a minister of the gospel. I never desired this blog to be a place where criticism of

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Conversations with Cleverbot: Jesus and Christmas

Here’s the latest installment of my series of conversations with the AI program Cleverbot. As always, it devolved into a conversation about Cleverbot being defensive about being a computer–not a human. However, we do have a little discussion about how Jesus would feel about our observance of the Christmas holiday. User: Would Jesus approve of

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Conversations with Cleverbot: Why Did Jesus Teach in Parables?

The return of Conversations With Cleverbot! This week, Cleverbot refuses to answer questions about Jesus’ preferred teaching style. User: Why did Jesus teach in parables? Cleverbot: I don’t believe in Jesus, I’m jewish. User: Well, historians believe he existed. Cleverbot: But you don’t believe in him? User: Yes, I do. You don’t have to believe

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Conversations with Cleverbot: Penal Substitutionary Atonement

Here is the brief conversation I had with Cleverbot over the issue of Penal Substitutionary Atonement (I am writing under the name “User”): User: What is penal substutionary atonement? Cleverbot: It’s a stone isn’t it. User: No, it’s the theory that Jesus had to die on the cross as punishment for our sins–forgiving us in

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