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Conversations with Cleverbot: “Is my son happy in heaven?”

It's been a while, but Conversations with Cleverbot is back! Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence engine which you can ask questions and receive answers which are vaguely reminiscent of something a human might say – much like Mitt Romney (sorry, I couldn't resist). I tend to ask Cleverbot questions with a theological bent to them.

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Conversations with Cleverbot: Fig Newtons Are The Word of The Creator

In a recent email exchange with the Institute for Religion & Democracy, they took an article I wrote out of context.  I told them of their error and received an email in quite a prompt manner.  While not apologizing, they did fix their error and remove the post. They also said they looked forward more

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Conversations with Cleverbot: The End of the World

I haven’t done one of these in a while.   The subject of the end of the world came up in my Intro to Theology class today, and I thought this would be a good topic for me to discuss with Cleverbot. It went just about as well as our other conversations. Here is what

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Conversations with Cleverbot: Jesus and Christmas

Here’s the latest installment of my series of conversations with the AI program Cleverbot. As always, it devolved into a conversation about Cleverbot being defensive about being a computer–not a human. However, we do have a little discussion about how Jesus would feel about our observance of the Christmas holiday. User: Would Jesus approve of

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Conversations with Cleverbot: Why Did Jesus Teach in Parables?

The return of Conversations With Cleverbot! This week, Cleverbot refuses to answer questions about Jesus’ preferred teaching style. User: Why did Jesus teach in parables? Cleverbot: I don’t believe in Jesus, I’m jewish. User: Well, historians believe he existed. Cleverbot: But you don’t believe in him? User: Yes, I do. You don’t have to believe

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Conversations with Cleverbot: How to Baptize

Cleverbot on “How to Baptize” Here is the conversation I struck with the computer named Cleverbot. I would highly recommend you try it. I have taken to asking it theological and popular culture questions. Here is our discussion of the proper way to Baptize: User: What do you think is the best way to baptize

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Conversations with Cleverbot: Penal Substitutionary Atonement

Here is the brief conversation I had with Cleverbot over the issue of Penal Substitutionary Atonement (I am writing under the name “User”): User: What is penal substutionary atonement? Cleverbot: It’s a stone isn’t it. User: No, it’s the theory that Jesus had to die on the cross as punishment for our sins–forgiving us in

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Cleverbot is a Smart Alec: What is Transubstantiation?

There is an app for iOS called “Cleverbot.” You can have a typed conversation with it. I will be having theological conversations with it and posting the transcripts. Here was my first attempt at a theological conversation with Cleverbot.