NOT SURPRISED #1: @TheIRD & Xian Reality Television (NEW FEATURE)

'Cause, there's a hashtag for everything, nowadays


The Institute on Religion & Democracy is a bit late to this particular party.

Alexander Griswold – blogger for the IRD – belatedly critiques the reality show and the culture of reality TV in this article. The subject of the article is Preachers of L.A. – a reality show featuring mega church pastors living lavishly (too lavishly) in Los Angeles. Honestly, I agree with most of what Alex has to say. Unfortunately, he winds back to the IRD's “company line” by the end of the piece.

At the end of the piece, the fault for the behavior of the Christians featured in these shows lies with the producers of the shows and the popular culture that often makes fun of Christians – and not the people who perform the actions that make them look bad. His final critique goes like this:

But above all, my hope is that being unfairly targeted will move Christians to reject all shows that denigrate groups of people just to feed into viewers’ pride.

Did ya' get that? These pastors – and other reality TV subjects – are “unfairly targeted” for denigration. Apparently, the IRD has given up on the idea of people being personally responsible for their actions. Reality TV personalities must sign contracts and give permissions for these producers to air their content.

If that's the case, can you really say someone has been “unfairly targeted?”

Ultimately, this piece reacts to this story much like the IRD does to any other story about Christianity in popular culture – Christians are a persecuted majority. It's a poor, pitiful me approach to whatever the IRD supposedly exists to do.

I'm not surprised. In fact:



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