First “Juicy,” Now “Matthew 5.7?”

At least it doesn't say Juicy

A former Victoria Secret model has had a conversion experience. That's good news!

The bad news? Her new clothing line puts Bible verses on little girl's butts.

This story is about Kylie Bisutti's efforts to remain relevant in the fashion industry, after she gave up her lucrative modeling gig for a pursuit of God. Again, good news.

By now, you've probably seen the glitch in the design of these clothes – designed with the school-aged girl in mind. Much like the sweatpants emblazoned with the words like “Juicy” across the wearers rear-end, the clothing is designed in such a way that the viewer is reading a Bible verse that ends on someone's rear-end.

Forget the onging debates about Christian modesty – which treat men like mindless sex machines and are helpful in very few ways – it strikes me as just, plain tacky.

Let's hope they fix that particular glitch in the line.


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