#VRA Ruling Opens Door For Death Of #PatriotAct

Political Cartoon about #PatriotAct

The defeat of certain provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act has raised an interesting question for me.

If laws that work need to be revisited and overruled by the Supreme Court, shouldn't someone file a suit to get the Patriot Act on track for the Supreme Court?

Think about it. The majority ruling cited the continued existence of voter discrimination, yet struck down the remedy for it.


The Patriot Act was passed – in one damn hurry, I should point out – in the wake of 9/11, to make us safe from domestic terror attacks. As recently as this year, we have experienced domestic terror attacks. However, since 9/11, we have remained relatively safe within our borders.

So, according to the logic of the majority in the VRA case, we no longer need the protection of the patriot Act – and it, rightly, should be overturned.

Maybe, the Chief Justice should consider addressing the rank partisan nature of his ideological brethren on the court.

Ya' know, to avoid situations where their tortured logic can be turned around on them so very easily.

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