I See What Ya’ Did There, @GlennBeck

Glenn Beck, Professional Clown

I don't know why I do it to myself, but I listen to Glenn Beck's radio program.

Yes, seriously.

This morning, during one of his live advertisements for gold, he makes this statement:

I don't know how this all ends, but it doesn't end well.

He is – of course – talking about the continuing economic malaise the global economy is experiencing.

I've heard him say this – or things like this – numerous times. It wasn't until this morning that I realized what a weasely, chicken little-y, media whore-y type of statement it really is.

Essentially, he is able to keep his “the sky it falling” rap afloat without offering any evidence of it. Sure, he spends his entire broadcast presenting “evidence” of what he believes is the truth, but he is nearly never correct about any of his wild-eyed bloviating.

Why do I care?

If it weren't for the fact that Mr. Beck has such a broad reach – and has taken to shrouding his every move in the discussions he has with and visions he gets from God – I wouldn't care that much. I'd still listen, but not actively.

Glenn Beck is an entertainer. He's an actor. He's a visionary entrepreneur.

To be trusted for actual news or sincere opinion, he's not.

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