We’ve Given @JohnPiper Just What He Wanted

John Piper, stuck in a glass box

In the aftermath of this week's deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma, John Piper – @JohnPiper – tweeted some abusive words from scripture. He soon deleted them, and sent out a lackey to say, “John realized last night pretty quickly that what gives him comfort in the wake of tragedy is not what resonates with everyone.”

Piper is comforted by a God who brings his judgement in the form of death and destruction and calls it “mercy.”

The problem here is not that Piper tweeted this ignorant and foolish words in the midst of other's tragedy.

The problem is that we all took his bait.

Piper probably didn't set-out to stir a debate. He wanted to tout his idea of god (purposeful lower-case “G”). However, he believes that his theology is the correct theology – and who among us doesn't.

This story is exactly the kind of thing that makes him think he is doing the right thing. I think we can all agree that what he said this week isn't right.

However, his tweet began a debate. I believe he likes that. If he believes there is even a chance that someone might come to believe as he does, he likes the fact that happened.

In short, our “debate” gave him exactly what he wanted – confirmation that everything he believes is right.

Can we please – in the future – keep from feeding the theological trolls?

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