In Fourteen-Hundred and Ninety-Two: A New Pneumonic Device


My beautiful wife put a History Channel 2013 desk calendar in my stocking at Christmas. As a history nerd, it was right up my alley.

Today, it gave me some inspiration. (see photo above)

We all know in what year Christopher set sail for foreign lands to pillage indigenous peoples, but my History calendar gave me a new fact.

Evidently, the same year in which the crown sent Columbus to a new world, they began to dismiss Jews from the country (Spain) – en masse. Even in my pastoral, post-Easter stupor, I have found a bit of inspiration.

Maybe schoolchildren can begin to learn my new learning rhyme:

In Fourteen-Hundred and Ninety-Two

Spain began to expel their Jews

However, given the vehement anti-semitism evident in a chain of events such as this, I think this one captures the essence of the event:

In Fourteen-Hundred and Ninety-Two

The Spanish expelled their filthy Jews

Alright, you can go back to your naps, now.

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