Yes, @MarkDTooley, Murder is Murder



Mark Tooley – @MarkDTooley and President of The Institute on Religion & Democracy – is reactionary enough to be the president of a Washington D.C. based think tanks, but too reactionary to be the religious leader he believes himself to be.

Por ejemplo…

His latest article is his reaction to an article by Christianity Today.  The article is an interview of Brother Andrew, once known for his work smuggling Bibles into Soviet Russia.  Nowadays, Brother Andrew works in primarily Muslim nations.

To be fair to Mark, Brother Andrew did hit quite a few of Mark’s “hot buttons.”  In his work evangelizing muslims, Brother Andrew refers to members of Hamas with whom he had become familiar as “friends.”  According to Tooley, “…should an evangelist describe terrorists and their supporters as his “friends?”

The last straw, according to Tooley, was Brother Andrew’s characterization of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani compound as “murder.”

For Tooley, that was too much.  He asks if airmen’s attacks that led to the killing of Emperor Yamamoto during WWII were also “murder.”

Let me take this opportunity to throw my two cents in.  Just because it is done in a justifiable and legally acceptable way, doesn’t mean that one person or group hasn’t committed murder.  Ask one of the many soldiers we have had come home from the front lines – riddled with guilt from their tour of duty – whether or not they have committed murder.  I believe many of them would say they have.

That’s not to say that they have done something that – in the eyes of God – would be unforgivable, but the act of killing another person is murder.

Whether you do it up close and personal on the front lines, or you remotely control a drone from the US to strike someone in Pakistan.

I’m sorry to tell Mr. Tooley, but the act of killing someone – no matter if the act is justified or not – is murder.

It’s murder, Mark, it’s murder.

Just because of your background in intelligence and national security have taught you to think differently about death, doesn’t mean that your definitions apply to the rest of the real world.

The taking of a human life is murder.

To put it in a context you can understand, if abortion is murder, than killing an enemy combatant – with or without a uniform – is murder.

For the sake of the mission or troop morale, you certainly don’t have to call it that all the time.

However, when that soldier gets home and lays his or her head down on their pillow, are their nightmares caused by their actions in eliminating an enemy combatant – or because they murdered another of God’s creatures of sacred worth?

The saddest thing about this article is that Mark doesn’t seem to be able to give an inch to anybody – even those people he respects and admires.

Tooley gushes about how impactful Brother Andrew’s ministry has been.  However, the fact that he said a couple of things with which Tooley doesn’t agree appears to be too much for Tooley.

“With friends like that…” right?

Mark Tooley is the president of a pseudo-Methodist, Washington, D.C. think tank that asks for your money, essentially to write articles like this all day for many different publications.

These articles I write about him and the rest of his organization are my very small attempt to shed a light on their more egregiously petty happenings.

Your welcome.

Our complaint department is below.  Leave your comments there:)

One comment on “Yes, @MarkDTooley, Murder is Murder

  1. Michael Snow
    March 21, 2013 at 1:52 PM #

    No complaints. You might like to know of these quotes from Spurgeon:

    e.g. “What pride flushes the patriot’s cheek when he remembers that his nation can murder faster than any other people. Ah, foolish generation, ye are groping in the flames of hell to find your heaven, raking amid blood and bones for the foul thing which ye call glory..”

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