The ‘Unthinking Pacifist’ Calls-Out The ‘Indiscriminate Warmonger’ – @MarkDTooley


Mark Tooley – president of the pseudo-Methodist, Washington think tank, The Institute on Religion & Democracy – reviewed a book and posted it on the IRD’s blog.  I get their email notifications, and was prepared to hit the delete button on this one, when I saw that Mr. Tooley had engaged (once again) in what the IRD does best – name-calling.

Mr. Tooley’s review was about a book written by William Abraham – a UMC theologian, whose book he co-wrote with Dr. David Watson (dean of my seminary) happens to be sitting in my “to be read” pile.  However, the book Tooley reviewed – found here – is about terrorism.

This gives Tooley a chance to engage his ideological foes in name-calling.

He couldn’t even wait to get out of the first paragraph before Tooley was calling people like me “unthinking pacifists.”  While there are instances scattered across the vast plain of pacifism, Tooley’s statement wasn’t true – but an adolescent attempt to show his superiority to his foes.

I was miffed, and took to Twitter:

I called Mr. Tooley an “indiscriminate warmonger.”  This statement is much more accurate of Tooley than his was of people like me, but it is still false.

I hope the IRD folks read down far enough to see that admission.  They have a sordid history of not fully reading my posts before coming to a conclusion about them.

Here’s why I wrote this post.  Mr. Tooley doesn’t indiscriminately choose to endorse any chest-thumping show of force into which the US endeavors, just as someone like me doesn’t choose to oppose a military action without thinking about it.  Our opinions – I assume this on the part of Tooley – are the result of our deeply held beliefs, which are the result of our contemplation of them.

I just wish Mr. Tooley had enough faith in his ideological foe’s basic humanity, as I do in his.

The bottom line is that Mr. Tooley and his think tank resort to name-calling to infer their superiority over those with whom they disagree.  I don’t think we should be taking them seriously until they can grow up beyond this childish game.

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