Catholic Church Pro-Life, Unless $ On The Line

A malpractice lawsuit has exposed the Catholic as a fraudulent, hypocritical, money-grubbing cult.

One man has sued a Catholic hospital for malpractice in the death of his wife and unborn twins. When the pregnant woman was brought into the emergency room, a blood clot was on the verge of causing a massive heart attack. The doctor's efforts couldn't save the mother, nor her unborn children. The suit seeks to hold the doctors and hospital monetarily responsible for the deaths of those children.

In a strange – and hyper-hypocritical twist – lawyers for the church argue that the unborn fetuses are not people, and therefore do not enjoy legal protections afforded legal persons.

Within the jurisdiction, the term “person” has different definitions when involved in a wrongful death case. The Supreme Court is set to decide whether or not to hear the case.

Read the entire account here.

Why did I decide to bring this up on my blog? I believe the hypocrisy of the church needs to be pointed out as ridiculous. It's like doing a biopsy. You identify the cancerous object, and do your best to remove it. In the case of this court case and the Catholic Church, it is especially important.

The Catholic Church has been especially vocal about certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act – perjoratively referred to as “Obamacare.” Those rather loud protestations have been used by Christians of all stripes to claim some type of loss of religious freedom – a wild fabrication, at best. Additionally, it cheapens the stories of actual Christians facing actual religious persecution around the world.

The other and more obvious hypocrisy is that the church – and by using the lower case “c,” I am identifying all of Christendom through the example of the Catholic Church (something with which they would be happy) – is more than willing to make it's loudest noises in defense of unborn fetuses, except when money is on the line.

If their immovable moral stand on things such as abortion and stem-cell research means anything, they have to take that to it's logical conclusion – calling fetuses “persons” even when money is on the line.

Any way you look at this California case, the church (meaning all of Christendom) looks bad. Really bad. Stupid, even. Hypocritical, sure. Without credibility, absolutely.

There's any number of Bible verses I could quote right now, but the sheer hypocrisy of this situation should be enough to make you realize how bad a story like this is.

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