The NRA & NAGR Never Give Up Their Fight

One of the most shocking facts about the social media strategy of absolute gun rights advocacy groups – such as the NRA & NAGR – is that they didn't really have to create much new content to continue their fight against any sort of gun control regulations.

That is, they didn't have to change a thing once public outcry began to place pressure on public officials to regulate guns in this country – in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that claimed the lives of 27 people.

For example, the picture at the head of this post is a graphic I found on the NRA Facebook page – posted well before the events of December 14th. Here is another:


This is the type of graphic NAGR posts on an everyday basis. This is violent for violence's sake, and it's all aimed at riling up everyday gun rights advocates.


The absolute truth with which they make these types of short-sighted and ignorant, blanket statements is troubling. The reason they are so troubling is because their supporters don't question statements like this, they see them as forceful support for their absolute rights – whether or not they're true.


These types of sentiments aren't looked upon as barbaric, they are celebrated and shared abundantly all over the interwebs. And, finally:


I have already pointed out the underlying – some might say blatant – racism contained within this image. It proves they will go to incredible lengths to scare and mislead their followers.

What's my point? While the issue of gun control hasn't left our consciousness just yet, it has began to wane. It is in the interest of the public safety and the lives of our children – who are increasingly becoming the targets of mass shooter's rage – that we don't back down.

The NRA and groups like it have spent the last few decades fighting for their cause. They have plenty of cash and ambition to continue.

Will we let them win because we lost focus?


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