Tooley Claims Bible Vague On Modern Issues – @MarkDTooley, @TheIRD

Mark Tooley makes a living ensuring that “leftist religionists” are held to account for the entirety of scripture. With that in mind, you can imagine my surprise to read Tooley talking about immigration reform. He – as usual – uses his platform to ridicule the “leftists,” then proceeds to point out:

…the Bible does not give specific guidance on what U.S. immigration law should be in the year 2013.

This comes from an article from One News Now.

If you follow the works and words of Tooley – or anything his think-tank posing as a renewal group posts – you will understand that sentiment to be confusing, at best. Hypocritical, at worst.

Essentially, Tooley is saying that certain things in the Bible speak directly to us today, and certain things aren't addressed by it. Conveniently for him, the decision as to which is which tends to go right along the social and political issues with which he agrees or disagrees.

I just thought this little fact should be pointed out – to be specifically pointed out when appropriate.

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