NAGR’s Increased Race-Baiting

My friend Joel – @eJoelWatts & – has commented on some of the racist rhetoric permeating the various gun rights advocacy groups online (here and here).

I have been taking on a particular group, NAGR (it is beginning to look less and less like a coincidence) – The National Association for Gun Rights. Here is one of my posts.

See, NAGR does alot of online PR through graphics posted through their social media accounts – specifically, Facebook. Alot of angry fonts over distinctly more angry images.

The image – posted above – is not different. No different, in that it is just as ominous as the others. However, none of their infographics have ever been so blantantly racist. It suggests the president believes he is a king-type figure. But, you will note his wardrobe is decidedly un-kingly. Gold rings. Gold chains. Plain, white t-shirt. Slouched posture.

This image is meant to portray the duly elected – by relatively large margins – president of the United States as a gang-banging thug. This is a clear dog-whistle to the darker and more racist groups contained within the ranks of gun rights advocates.

It is sickening.

The gun lobby – in whatever form it takes – has often had to beat back charges of racism. I feel for them, especially when the charges are particularly trumped-up, because their membership is decidedly monochromatic.

So, let me say to the gun lobby – or whoever is represented by NAGR – this doesn't help your case that you are not racists. In fact, it is pretty definitive evidence of racism – or at the very least, you believe your membership to be racists to some degree.

I'd love to hear NAGR – or anybody – speak to the racism present in much of their social media activity.


3 comments on “NAGR’s Increased Race-Baiting

  1. Todd
    January 25, 2013 at 9:03 PM #

    It seems to me the biggest racists are those that see racism where none exists. Using your talking points of dog whistles and associating gun groups with racism is hardly proof. Like all leftists when you’re losing a debate just scream racism.

    • Chris Tiedeman
      January 25, 2013 at 9:19 PM #

      If you could say more to me than “there’s no racism here,” I might be inclined to take you more seriously. NAGR (there’s your first hint) dressed the President of the United States like a gang-banger in an attempt to compare him to a king. Their imagery is increasingly racially suggestive. It is either ignorance, willful ignorance, or it’s racism.

      Pick one.


  1. The NRA & NAGR Never Give Up Their Fight | Notes from the Pastor's Office - January 21, 2013

    […] I have already pointed out the underlying – some might say blatant – racism contained within this image. It proves they will go to incredible lengths to scare and mislead their followers. […]

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