NAGR & (Not So Veiled) Racism

I don't tend to be one to care much about being politically correct. I do, however, understand the context around which certain terms were used to promote hatred and persecution of a particular group of people or ethnicity. I also understand the relationship between certain ethnic groups, which have often led to one believing it is superior to another.

With that said, I'd like to introduce you to NAGR – The National Association of Gun Rights. In the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, they have been flailing about in order to capitalize on the “they're gonna take our guns” fervor that has become so prevalent.

The graphic above represents their feelings about certain law makers and political figures that have singled-out AR-15 assault rifles as weapons that need to be banned.

There are certainly other ways to express your displeasure with public policy suggestions. For this organization – whose acronym is suspect enough – to use this phrase to suggest that gun control is tantamount to Jim Crow and the historic plight of the black population of this country is a despicably transparent attempt to co-opt a civil rights issue for your silly, personal gain. Despicable.

It also shows their utter lack of seriousness in coming up with common sense solutions to the escalating gun violence problem in this country.

This graphic is deplorable, and only serves to show gun control advocates the need to circumvent – to the extent that is possible – the gun lobby in it's different forms and groups.

Considering their last couple of promotional stunts – the giving away of $600 and $700 worth of ammo – it appears that our circumvention might need to take a wide path. (check out their Facebook page for more information on that lovely situation.

The comment section is open to anyone who wants to offer a different view.



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