Alex Jones Is A PARANOID, NARCISSISTIC Dancing Monkey

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In the movie The Last Supper – nothing to do with Jesus’ final meal – a group of friends invite interesting people over for dinner.  Over time, they invited people who were more controversial and disagreeable.  Eventually, they got to the point where they invited the people they judged to be the worst of their guests – and poisoned them.  Their last guest was a radio talk show host, in the mold of Rush Limbaugh.  He turned out to be a fake.  He was as boisterous and rude as he was because he could make tons of money doing it.  In the end, he figured out his host’s plans – and poured the poison in their glasses.

I don’t know if Alex Jones is faking his schtick, but his latest video raises the question.

Shortly after his appearance on Piers Morgan’s CNN show, Alex fled to his hotel room – in order to shoot a quick video.  The video’s purpose was to scare inform his loyal followers that he was being followed by mafia-types who were “casing” he and his sidekick (the guy filming the video), and if they showed up dead, they should know that it wasn’t an accident of fluke.  He explains the harrowing circumstances:


Earlier today, I took to this blog to call Alex Jones a “dancing monkey” for his performance on national TV.  I still mean every word.  However, I may have neglected adding the adjectives “paranoid” and “narcissistic.”  He could actually be as crazy as he has portrayed himself to be over the last couple of days.  Alex could just be a version of the character from The Last Supper.

What’s important to remember – beyond all this – is that gun control advocates are going to have to learn how best to deal with the crazy.  Listening to this video, you can see that this guy is either acting crazy, or is actually a bit off his nut.  We must withstand the urge to throw up our hands in disbelief and walk away.  We need to fight for this very reason.

Really, though, this guy is a paranoid, narcissistic dancing monkey.

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