Alex Jones Is A Dancing Monkey

Alex Jones is a radio talk show host, based out of Austin Texas.  From his early work helping to rebuild the Branch Davidian complex, he has been a firebrand mouthpiece for neo-patriotic libertarianism ™.  Every conspiracy theory you have ever heard, dealing with the New World Order and “big brother,” has been championed by this guy.

However, that all makes it sound like he is a reasonable guy.  I believe it’s more accurate to call him a dancing monkey.  He’s a dancing monkey, who will champion any conservative/liberterian/conspiracy related topic for a little money and attention.

The video above – a clip from his recent interview with Piers Morgan on CNN – shows just how far he’s willing to go for the attention.  Piers Morgan – a media personality I care very little to watch – has recently come under fire for his hard-line stance on gun-control.  In response to his stance, gun rights advocates have started a petition – on the White House petition website – that has garnered over 100,000 signatures.  The petition states the desire of the signatories to have Piers Morgan deported for his stance.

Yes, for his criticism of the 2nd amendment, Piers Morgan is under fire for his use of the 1st.

As a bit of a publicity stunt, Piers Morgan made the story about gun control a bit about himself and invited one of the proponents of this petition on his show to discuss it – and gun control.  Alex Jones took full advantage of this rare opportunity for a national platform.

As you notice, Jones threatens another revolution if “the government” decides to regulate guns more stringently – preferring to scream out “1776” to reference how seriously he takes this matter.  When confronted with statistics which point to the very real problem guns pose to the American public, Jones prefers to rant and filibuster.  Jones came loaded with all the talking points that any conservative think tank has come up with for the gun control debate – and didn’t leave one out.

Don’t pay attention to the anger Jones shows in this interview.  That is a ploy.  Don’t be fooled.  What you saw as a crazy tirade by an unbalanced man, was seen as a great triumph by those who agree with Jones.  They were pumping their fists, and saying things like, “damn right!”  That was Jones’ objective.  He didn’t go on that show for a reasonable debate, Jones went on with Piers Morgan for publicity and prominence in the neo-patriotic, libertarian movement.  He got exactly what he wanted.

For those of you who realize that gun control is an important step in a civilized nation, please note that this is what we are up against.  Jones knew exactly what he was doing.  He knew he was going to look like a dancing monkey to those who disagree with him, and that he would look like a hero to those who don’t.  He, and other gun rights advocates, know no shame.  They are willing to make a fool of themselves to make their point.  As long as they can create confusion amongst those who are moderate and support amongst those with whom they agree, that’s all they care about.

We need to stay the course.  We need to not become wary.  We need to not become tired of fighting.  This change will come.  We have to be patient and resolute.

Let the dancing monkeys dance.


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