This Graphic Is Dishonestly Fabricated – This Is What We’re Dealing With



The Affordable Care Act – pejoratively known as “Obamacare” – has absolutely nothing to do with the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, or the issue of gun control/violence.  You might ask, then, why is it included in this graphic (I saw posted over-and-over on Facebook) – designed to rile-up and scare gun control opponents?

This graphic is a misleading talking point, wrapped in a dog whistle.  You wanna know why they call it a “dog whistle?”  It’s designed to get someone’s attention, while working them into a lather about whatever it is you are talking about.

The indisputable fact of the gun rights debate is that between about 12,000 and about 21,000 people (since 1995) per year are killed as a result of a gun being fired.  I don’t care if there are causes of death that are responsible for more deaths per year.  The fact is that there is a man-made problem – responsible for so much carnage – and it needs to be dealt with.

Graphics like this are unhelpful at best, and dangerous at worst.  It is such a flippant representation of the real problem – not to mention that all of these “stats” are presented out of context.  While I’m not a proponent of people using the contextual argument so frequently in the course of public debate, there is no other way to characterize the “facts” presented in this graphic.

Unfortunately, someone – from the basement of their parents house – can put something like this together.  It’s pithy and catchy, but it’s wrong.  The danger of it is in the apathy it creates.  It tells gun rights advocates that there isn’t really a problem to address.  It tells gun control advocates that the battle might be far too uphill, and  it isn’t worth the effort.

I am a gun control advocate.  I am not going to give up this fight.  I ask you to join me, and don’t give up.

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