SERMON FODDER: Where God Chooses To Be

I haven't done one of these in a while. I take the opportunity to share a thought or passage from my weekly sermon preparation.

This week, we are beginning a sermon series entitled, “A Fresh Start.” It comes from an idea that UM Communications put out for use as a fall 2013 kick-off. I have adapted it for use in the new year.

The first week is entitled, “Taking God With You.” It got me thinking about the recent flap began my Mike Huckabee, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Massacre. He claimed that the shooting happened because we have kicked God out of our schools. This is, of course, a ridiculously provocative sentiment meant to get him into the cycle of media-covering-media outlets.

When you think about just how ridiculous it is to state that God can be “kicked out” of anyplace, you could (should?) develop a headache. However, submit this is a more accurate sentiment:

The point is that God cannot be removed from a situation God chooses to be in. We human beings just don't have it in us to play bouncer to God. We can ignore God, but we cannot keep him out of a place he wishes to be.

This is en excerpt from my sermon for January 6th, 2013. Feel free to stop by and read the entire thing, once I post it tomorrow or Monday. Blessings.


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