Let’s Give ‘Em A Fight!

I don't know what the office staff over at The National Association for Gun Rights – NAGR, for short (subtle, huh?) – but it seems much of their time is devoted to creating graphics to plaster all over their social media presences. Their latest graphic tips their expectation that they expect a fight around their right to own just any deadly weapon they want. Apparently, that's what they find important at the start of the new year.

If that's what they expect, let's give 'em a fight.

Organize prayer initiatives. Write letters to your congressional representative. Make calls to your senators. Protest local gun shows. Research your states gun laws and lobby your state representatives to take simple, common sense steps towards gun control.

These are just a few of the things you can begin doing right now.

If you know of or think of any others, leave them in the comment section or share them across my social media platforms.

If current trends continue, we aren't far-off from the next gun massacre.

Gun rights advocates want the gun control advocates to take a seat in the new year. Will your response be fight or flight?


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