Bart Gingerich: @MarkDTooley Shows ‘Objectivity’



With one last gasp in 2012, Bart Gingerich – of The Institute for Religion & Democracyshares the books he thinks top various types of lists for 2012.  The list of controversial books he names included books by Mike Slaughter and Rachael Held Evans.  The list of “books worth reading” included the book written by Mark Tooley – who just happens to be Gingerich’s boss.

If you follow this blog or the IRD at all, you will no doubt see the humor and irony in Gingerich’s quote about Tooley’s book:

Another example of perfect objectivity, we’ve nominated our own president’s historical analysis of Methodism’s intersection in the political sphere from McKinley to George W. Bush.

In case you missed it, Gingerich expects his readers to believe that Mark Tooley shows perfect objectivity.  This is the same Mark Tooley that has said that Christmas commercialization is a good thing, using capitalism as the supporting argument – conveniently leaving out the plight of the Chinese worker in the run-up to the holiday.  Bart Gingerich is a poor cultural analyst.  The proof is in equating anything that Tooley says with “perfect objectivity.”

Another hit to the credibility of this organization.

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