The “Zombie Apocalypse” Is Not Helping

I write this on Friday, December 21st. I just finished watching the last few minutes of a show on The Discovery Channel.

It was a documentary show about how to prepare for a zombie pandemic. It was a group mostly made up of grown men – obviously, it is men – who have spent time thinking about and planning for this event. Mind you, this event has only happened in the minds of Hollywood filmmakers. It’s science-fiction, and a group of people are taking it deadly seriously.

How seriously? There militia groups whose sole purpose for existence is to build up and maintain stockpiles and fortifications for when this “event” happens. The footage showed old cars being restored, food stockpiles with MRE’s and weapons of all types. Grenades. Assault weapons. High-caliber handguns. The works. To hear these militia people speak of the day, it is as if it is a question of when – not if.

Imagine if newer, harsher gun legislation were to go into effect. Do you imagine these people are going to give up their right to any weapon? Why would they? They were having a serious discussion about whether or not you could shoot your child – given they were a zombie. Did I mention this was aired just one week after the events in Newtown, CT?

This is – by far – not the norm for those proponents of unfettered gun rights. But we aren’t talking about the norm, are we? When we talk about protecting our schools from lone gunman, we aren’t talking about the norm. We create laws to protect the majority from the small sliver who would do us harm. Our attitudes must change.

Faux-historian, David Barton – by way taking history out of context and applying it to today – made the case that the 2nd amendment to the constitution needed to give the people the right to have the same type of firepower as the government. This was in case the government came after it’s own people. By that logic, I think I’ll go out and grab me some chemical and nuclear weaponry.

This is another example of the extent to which we are going to have to fight for stricter, common sense gun control laws.

I keep wishing there was a way for us to make clear the faith and spiritual issue that unfettered access to guns is. But, you need to protect yourself against a zombie, so…nevermind.

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