Now, I’m An Activist: A Passionate Parson Finds His Calling

I am passionate about the things in which I believe. If you are a regular follower of my blog, you know that. What you also know is that I really only ever write about them. That changed on Friday afternoon.

Just like you, the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School saddened me in a way things like this haven't in the past. First, the loss those parents and families are feeling is particularly well-known to me and mine–after losing my son this summer. However, my wife and I feel lucky, in that we had time to say goodbye–and Carter had us as he died. Second, it took me back to the first memory I have of things like this–my high school teacher flipping on the TV for us to see the helicopter footage of students being corralled from Columbine High School.

There are many aspects of this case–many of which we still don't know. However, the main issue that has presented itself–mainly, because of the incredibly undeniable uptick in violence of this kind–is gun control. Unfortunately, this issue–like far too many issues today–are split along partisan ideological lines.

This will surprise no one, but I believe that gun control–while not preventing all violence of this kind–will do much (maybe the most) to mitigate the carnage caused in these situations. Statisics from all over the world prove this to be an almost unassailable fact.

I hereby resolve to put any effort I can to actually doing something about this. I will be fervent. I will be relentless. I will be annoying. The fact is that the language is quickly changing from “if” this will happen to your child, but “when” it will happen.

This must get better…or end.

So, expect me to be a strong advocate for any new legislation. Expect me to get involved in groups fighting for this cause. Expect me to talk about it often.

This is a spiritual issue. This is a civics issue. This is an important issue. I encourage as many of my pastoral colleagues as can to get involved. Considering that there are pastors who carry guns into the pulpit, sponsor gun-related church events and regularly preach on the fact that our right to bear arms overrides all else, this is an issue more clergy should involve themselves in.

As a service, I just thought I'd let my readers–all 3 of you–know about possible additions to my content.


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