Moral Pipsqueak: Kevin Pavlischek Continues Screed Against ‘Evangelical Left’



If you follow my blog, you know that I often take issue with the IRD.


Those who follow the United Methodist-affiliated Institute on Religion & Democracy know that one of their writers – Kevin Pavlischek – has had an insatiable appetite to assail the “Religious Left” for any and everything he can.

His latest article – here – is review-type piece about a book having to do with popular religious trends.  The part that struck me was how eager Pavlischek was to accuse Wallis of extremism, and criticized the author for not being willing to accuse him of the same.

Swartz – the author – tells us that Wallis became disillusioned at his ties to radical groups once they turned violent.  Not buying his mea culpa, Pavlischek isn’t satisfied until he takes the accusations to the point of libel.

The reason I wrote this article was to let my readers – all 3 of you – know that this is part-and-parcel of what the IRD does.  They employ people for the expressed purpose of scouring the world for things they can complain about.  They want to get your dander up.  They want to engage in the culture wars that have been waning over the past few years.  They want someone to be righteously angry at, and they usually find them.  They are always people whose views are on the exact opposite side of the ideological spectrum from their own.  The only exception is when someone from their side might briefly show compassion or capitulation to the other.

While their influence is negligible – if you aren’t really on FOX News, do you really matter – their message and tactics are toxic.

Steer clear, my friends

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