Spitballing The Future of The Church: Surrendering The ‘War on Christmas’



Every Christmas, Christians across the country are forced to celebrate one of their holiest days in the privacy of their homes, yards, churches, many public spaces and  the wasteland of their local retails establishments.  It is such a violent attack on religious liberty that we have called it the ‘War on Christmas.’

Each year, the fighting seems to reach an ever-increasing pitch.  Rather than make us look petty and fascistic, I believe our continued adherence to the belief that we are some kind of persecuted majority is just the right battlefield tactic.

End of the sarcasm.

I won’t make this a long and drawn-out argument, because it doesn’t have to be.  As Christians, our holiday is celebrated more than any other.  We see its influence all over our TV’s and throughout our popular culture.  To claim that our having to replace some songs in our schools and relocate a manger scene is persecution, shows a complete lack of intelligence and self-awareness.

I think this “war” is on it’s way out as a popular topic by venomous pop culture personalities.  However, that doesn’t mean it is going away.  Some pastor or parishioner – somewhere – is going to make it their personal quest to fight a small battle in this war.  I wish them luck, but I should let you know that you aren’t helping the church or the cause of Christ.  He doesn’t care if you can’t sing ‘Silent Night’ at school, or have to hear ‘Happy Holidays’ when you spend an obscene amount of money at a store.

For me, I am done giving it the benefit of the doubt.  I’ve heard of this “war” for a decade, and have yet to see Christmas – or it’s tentacles – cut-off.  In fact, those combatants are starting to look ridiculous.

I’ll give’ em a chuckle, then go on my merry way.


Merry Xmas!

Happy Holidays!


Happy Christmas to you all!

I have a feeling I will have another chance to use that graphic I made (yes, I made that picture above:)

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