In Other News, The Church is Dying



So many Christians have spent their time, talent and treasure on this General Election season.  Some are glad, whereas many more are sad.  Take your time to celebrate or stew.

When you’re done, allow me to call your attention to something far more important.

The church is dying.  Now, it doesn’t appear to be any better for any particular sect or denomination.  Many will point to their particular success in the developing world.  However, the church in western civilization is dying.

If you want to talk about where big changes are needed in a dire situation, it is the church.  The church is the place where we have the greatest opportunity to really impact the world.  The person and message of Jesus Christ are still very popular, but people don’t like – maybe even hate – the church.  Let’s see what we can do about that.  If you want to have hope, let’s have it in this.

So, let’s start the conversation.  Let’s begin the work.  Find me on Twitter.  Find me on Facebook.  Follow my blog and converse with me in the comment section.  If you want to talk about a grass-roots movement, let’s talk about one that begins with the one who created the grass.

The church is dying, but the Spirit can still move within the Jesus Movement.

BTW, I intend to start by learning more about Scott Paeth and his “Church for Freaks” idea.

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