Mark Tooley’s Disgusting Straw Man Speculation – @theIRD


Mark Tooley reeled me in this time.

In an article posted by One News Now, Mark Tooley begins a story by using the POTUS’s middle name (Hussein) – in this context, a dog-whistle to connect Obama to “the other” in the reader’s mind – and recounting the history of his membership at Wright’s Trinity UCC.  He does go on to speculate, based upon a first-hand account from Florida pastor Joel Hunter, that the pressures of the office could very well have deepened the President’s faith.  I was about ready to give Tooley the benefit of the doubt.

It was at that point that Tooley questions his speculation by mentioning that the President hasn’t changed his views on hot-button issues like abortion and homosexual “marriage” (quotes used by Tooley).  He lost me.  I know I’ve been rather fond of this word lately, but Tooley used a straw man argument to suggest that the President – regardless of the “level” of faith commitment he had before – is somehow less faithful because of his views on these issues.

The disgusting part of Tooley’s remarks is fact that faith isn’t determined based upon your views on these very politicized views.  Given what we provably know about membership and participation rate declines in the United Methodist Church – and in nearly all other religious sects – is that Christianity is already seen as too political.  This reason is used by many as a reason to just stay home when the church opens its doors.  His continued willingness to whip his constituency up based upon political wedge issues is only doing further damage to the church.  Church renewal is an important subject and process that Mark Tooley has no interest in – based upon his insistence upon making these issues his key issues.

I implore you, sir, to consider revising your tactics of political involvement.

3 comments on “Mark Tooley’s Disgusting Straw Man Speculation – @theIRD

  1. Chris
    October 31, 2012 at 11:47 AM #

    You know a tree by the fruit that it bears… said someone pretty special to me.
    I suppose that can be said about either candidate for office or even my friend Mark himself… and me as well.

  2. ejoelwatts
    October 31, 2012 at 7:17 PM #

    Agreed about the tree and fruits stuff. I mean, look at all the rotte fruit falling from the conservative trees. I say, must be their (rotten) fruity doctrine.

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