Evidently, You Desire People to Stare at Your Daughter’s Posterior


I’m not usually the prudish type – but now I’m a father.

I took a trip into the next town over to pick up a cold beverage.  As I pulled up to the convenience store, I saw kids who were gathering as they were finishing their Halloween festivities – among these youth were about 10 young girls.  Each of these girls was dressed like a cat.

By that, I mean they were all wearing ears attached to a headband and tails tied around their waists.  Each of these tails were dangling behind them – drawing attention to their rear-ends.  Certainly, it’s a part of the costume and one is inclined to look at part of the costume.  However, each of these 10 young girls were wearing tight black pants (jeggins?) that was far too suggestive.

I could be overreacting, but I don’t think so.  That was one group of kids in one small town.  I cannot imagine how many girls were allowed to leave the house dressed in something as or more suggestive.

Fathers, I implore you to reconsider allowing your young daughter to run around in something that screams for strange men to stare at your daughter’s rear-end.

That’s my two cents – for what it’s worth.

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