‘We’re No. 4!’ @UnitedSeminary Takes a Victory Lap?

United Theological Seminary is a school on the rise.  For better or worse, their enrollment is up and they are gaining a reputation for being one of the top theological schools in the UMC–maybe even the country.

They are doing so well–in fact–that they were named #4 in a survey of graduate programs…in Dayton, OH…by a business publication.


I don’t know.  They are entitled to tout any press they receive, but this seems a bit chincy to me.  Like, if I owned the #4 ranked dairy in a list of the top 7 dairies in northwest Wisconsin by Northwestern Wisconsin Cheese Quarterly.

Admittedly, I might tout my being ranked #4 on a list of the top 7 pastoral blogs in north-central Indiana by Obscure Pastoral Blogs of Indiana Weekly.  So, maybe I’ll just let them have this moment.

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