Voices Without A Paper Trail–Anonymous Political Speech

David Barton posted this through his organization’s Facebook page today.  It’s a video entitled “Voices Without A Vote.”  In it, teenagers ranging from 13 to 16–according to them–describe how their futures are at stake in the upcoming election.  The point of the video is that of any other video coming out right now and related to the Tea Party (more on that below).  The current administration is completely responsible for the mess the country is in.  The job of the voter is to elect someone who will follow the “blueprint” set out by the Founders.  Don’t be mistaken, when they say “blueprint,” they mean the mistaken notion that this country was founded as a Christian nation.  My religious liberties are under attack and only you, the voter, can stop it.  Fear-mongering and gross negligence of facts.  Here it is:

I found a link on Facebook to this Youtube video.  There was a web address at the end of the film–and in the video description on YouTube–that took me to the internet home of that video.  The site is just called “Liberty 2012”–with the tab on my web browser reading “858 Tea Party.”  There was no information on this site saying who was responsible for the video.  There is a tab on the site that, when you hit it, it takes you to the description of an event.  The only specifics I could find were that is was going to be in the San Diego area.  Then, I noticed the browsing tab said “858 Tea Party.”  I decided to search that, which led me to a similar-looking website that was more informative on who exactly they were.  I also found them on Facebook.

This is where it gets interesting.  Their Facebook group allows anyone to click the “join group” button…and I did.  A few minutes later, I was accepted.  Now, it could be that they just let anyone join who clicks the button.  However, it could also be that they saw I was a pastor and I would be someone who agreed with them.  That’s beside the point.

Why am I writing this?  Because–and I don’t care who you are–we all need to be careful who it is we listen to and where it is our information is coming from.  Mike Slaughter and Chuck Gutenson wrote a book called Hijacked.  In it, they argue that we should be careful just what it is we watch to get our news and political information.  This information is helpful when it comes to everyday life, but also for the church.  How many of us are tired of going to church in the run-up to an election?  How many of us have left a church because of the vitriol being spewed from the person sitting down the pew from you?  One of the ways we can help to diffuse some of this tension-inducing drama is to be careful what we watch.

Videos from people who make you jump though hoops to find out who they are probably something away from which we should steer.

P.S. The kids in this video were used for emotional appeal.  They were reading scripts written by partisan political hacks who have dangerous christo-nationalist worldview.  I await your comments below.


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