If Jesus is Greater Than Religion, Church Renewal is a Much Bigger Job

I never see a viral video until long after it’s popular, or the “virus” has been treated.

However, I found one–which is to say one of my professors introduced it to me–that has truly convicted me.  Actually, it confirmed a very recent conviction I have been feeling.  Let me explain.

I am taking a class on church renewal.  Essentially, it is a collection of readings and teachings from those who are looking to “renew” the church in the Western world.  The implication is that the church in the developing world (Africa, Latin America)–where the church is growing–doesn’t need renewed.  In my opinion, it also needs to be renewed.  If you have seen video clips of people in the developing world, you have no doubt seen them wearing clothes that were–at one time–made for people in the West (or the US).  It could be a shirt with a big colorful “Guess” across the front, or team shirt from the team that didn’t win the Super Bowl.  In other words, our religion could end up just as toxic for them–just a decade or so later.

In all the readings for this class, there begins to form a pattern.  People love Jesus, but hate the church.  So, one can be forgiven if their thoughts go to how best to destroy our religious structures but maintain the Jesus brand.  In the midst of these convictions, I see this video.  It can be hard to hear, but it isn’t our right as Christians to be or fight for our comfort.  Here it is:

I am making a presentation on Friday.  It is supposed to be around the subject of church renewal, and it will be.  However, I am unsure we know how far we will have to go to renew the church.  This video makes me feel like we haven’t fully considered just how much work we may have to do.

2 comments on “If Jesus is Greater Than Religion, Church Renewal is a Much Bigger Job

  1. Chris
    September 26, 2012 at 4:40 PM #

    Love this video. I trust it not only because it reflects Biblical Truth but because the “author” has his roots in Driscoll’s Mars Hill.

  2. Chris Martin
    September 26, 2012 at 5:19 PM #

    Great post. I loved this video the first few times I watched it. Just watched it again. Good stuff. Being a Christian isn’t checking off boxes on a list of things to do. It’s having a real, raw relationship with Jesus. It’s knowing that in our weakness, He is made strong.


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